Wedding Day & Earth Day

Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm glad that for us, they are/were one & the same. {Except after the fact, I guess you say "anniversary" instead of "wedding day."}

Happy Anniversary, Jonathan Jerkins! You are truly my other half.

Some images from April 22nd, 2006, the day our family was established.

{I am the luckiest to have had TWO redheaded bridesmaids. You're all beautiful! And I miss you out-of-towners. And I miss seeing my collarbones.}

Look at these youngsters:

Jonathan's younger brother, Michael, caught the garter...and got married on March 25th of this year, just several weeks ago! (and GO GRIZZ indeed! This year was the last time the Grizzlies were in the playoffs too.)

I'm sure that very soon (in oh, say three-point-five-ish months), there will exist a very very very close second for the title of Best Day of My Life.

But for now, this is still it.

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  1. love the dress, love the wedding, love the bride and groom, love being on your blog 2x in one month even if i am making a weird face.

    happy 5 years!!

  2. One of the very best weddings, for sure! I loved everything about it.
    And love you both!

    Now, let's continue this celebration tomorrow night with another great moment in our lives.
    go griz!

  3. Diana Ballenger8:44 PM

    you guys look beautiful/handsome, your dress is gorgeous, the sanctuary is beautiful and I love love the first dance photo. Congrats to you two.


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