Trying to Take a Chill Pill

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Despite my best/conscious efforts at the outset of this whole having-a-baby thing, I have slipped into Overthinking-Waffler-Nervous-Nelly-New-Mommy-Shopper mode. YUCK.

I started a registry a couple of weeks ago, and it was my first real foray into the overwhelming world that is Baby Stuff.

Will she even like a swing? What about a bouncer? A playmat? Which car seat? Which changing pad covers? A Moby wrap or an Ergo?

Somewhere underneath all of this has been the overwhelming desire to pick the "right" thing. Like there's ONE right thing in this whole mess.

One example: I'll think, what will it say about me as a parent if I don't want loud primary-color-y items all over my house? Does that mean I'm not interested in Baby's visual development? I'm too cool for school? I don't want it to mean either, but what if it does? I've never done this before!

So, to all of you whose phones and email boxes I've blown up with questions like, "So why did you choose the diaper bag you have?" ... I'm sorry.

And I'm aware and trying to chill out a little.

Example? I picked out a baby book... spontaneously.

My mom and I were in Anthropologie, and she got me this one for my birthday.

I loved the pages and the adorable way it's illustrated, so I just said "YES, thank you!" and haven't looked back (the way I make decisions under normal circumstances). Thanks, Mom.

Have you ever slid over into spaz mode without meaning to? Or is parenting just one big control-yourself-from-spazzing-out fest?


  1. To your last two questions: Yes and Yes. :) Looking forward to catching up today!

  2. Totally relate to this. I typically like to do a lot of research before I buy anything, so registering was a complete overload. You eventually just have to make an educated guess and remind yourself that you can always go out and buy what you need later if what you have doesn't work. I don't know why I think I have to have everything perfect before baby...not realistic.

    I like this bouncer - has baby friendly colors but a kind of cool design.

  3. Ha! Hopefully, by now, you know the answer to both of those last two questions for me is a resounding yes. I was hoping I could spare you from my freakishness, but I may have just contributed to it by causing you to overthink things. SORRY!

    Do you think women who are the first among their friend groups to have a baby struggle less with this because they aren't trying to juggle all their friends' advice and recommendations? Just a thought...

    With wedding registry, I did ZERO research. Just walked around and zapped things with my gun. Maybe with my baby registry, I was trying to make up for all the poor decisions I made then so that I'll be satisfied with these things for the long haul...I don't know. All i know is I was a freak. (And still am.)

    Way to go on the spontaneous baby book decision! Freeing, huh?!

  4. I agree with other comments. YES and YES! :)

    You are doing great! You will do great! I borrowed (for a trial period) some of those items that I wasn't sure about...swing, bouncy seat, etc. Great decision, because my kids didn't really like them and I ended up returning them. Some items that I borrowed, they LOVED so I ended up buying my own. :) It's all new to everyone and every baby is different so you just try, try, and keep trying and do your best. It's AMAZING though, so I can't wait for you to experience it! :) Miss seeing you.

  5. Take a Zanax.

    Just kidding. :)

    Hey, we all do the best we can, with the information we have. It's natural to want to have ALL the information. We want to be the best parent we can be, right? If we can do something to protect our child from harm, we want the information so we can do it.

    At the end of the day, none of baby gadgets/gear/whathaveyou matter. As long as your baby is loved and fed, she'll be fine. i suggest you go with your instinct or taste for your purchases (and forget everyone else's opinion, even mine) and it'll be fine. Most of the things I have bought for Sylvie have been a waste. Nearly everything she got for her 2nd birthday and Christmas are just sitting around our house, unused. We just don't use a lot of stuff, I guess. What can you do? You never know what will be a hit.

    The only time I personally spazz is when I don't get enough sleep or when I don't get enough down time in my day. Those are musts, and I make sure I tend to those needs. Everything else for me, as a parent, is less important. If I am relaxed and well rested, I am going to do fine as a mom. It doesn't matter what baby goods are sitting in my den. It doesn't matter if Sylvie watches TV or eats fries. Really. It doesn't.

    I hope you can learn what is vital to you as a mom, and let the rest slide. It's unnecessary to worry about everything.

    I hope this is helpful in some way. It's just my two cents.

    By the way, I absolutely adore her name. I remember you telling me that name a long time ago, and I have always remembered it b/c it's a great name. ;)

  6. I made a list of where and saved receipts for EVERYTHING that I bought/was given!! Some things {like the bumbo} my kids would only use for about a month. Stuck it back in the box and returned it to the store afterwards to get my money back. Awesome!!

  7. You need to see the documentary "Babies".


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