The Fall of the Flip Cam

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Along with many others, I was very surprised to learn this past week of the Flip Camera's demise.

This gadget was on our very short list of electronic goodies to acquire before Baby comes.

Did the smart phone really kill this device in less than 4 years after its conception, as this article suggests? This NY Times blogger is upset too, here.

Am I being irrational to worry that the way things are trending in electronics, my children's entire lives are going to have to be documented on my cell phone?

Will things regress, or will quality cease to be compromised with the all-in-one device?

In 20 years, what will her childhood multimedia heritage be?

Dramatic? or something you've also thought of?


  1. I print pictures of Sylvie every 6 months. I put them in photo albums. I have actually printed out the first year or so of my blog. I am trying hard to give her actual, physical documentation of her childhood that exists outside of my computer or my phone (that won't last but a handful of years at best!)

  2. I feel the same way. Like Marilyn I am trying to document and print anything of Lincoln. I am actually a little behind but....
    I like technology but it is definitely taking over way too much. One of my favorite things to do is flip through albums to reminisce Sometimes I get really annoyed with it, especially when I could easily call or write someone

  3. I have a flip video camera. You can have it if you want, bc I use my iPhone now. ;) Except it's really true!

    iPhone camerais ARE getting better and better. It could be argued that some of the pics on my phone are better than the old 35mm pics of my own childhood!

    I like that digitalizing our children's life allows us to share it and spread it among different sources, thus securing it much more than hard copy pictures in a photo box.

    Just my 2 cents! :)


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