Santa Claus Reads My Blog

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Santa really does read my blog! Remember this post before Christmas?

Ole St. Nick came through:


(I was gonna move all the junk on the countertops but decided to keep it real.)

Isn't it so exciting?! We took out that ceiling fan and the weird flush mounts and the ceilings feel ten times taller. It changes the whole room.

And the new fixture for over the kitchen table, from the wonderful local lighting store, Graham's Lighting. {We actually grew up down the street from Mr. & Mrs. Graham!}

can you see the kitty cat?

I so love it. [Those photos were taken at NIGHT obviously...unbelievable!]

Now that the lighting is done, it officially puts the nail in the coffin of the yellow paint. When we moved in, the kitchen was this color:

Beige-y blech-ety blech. {It actually looks better in this kitchen than I remember it looking.}

I picked the yellow in a hurry (ie, the second day we lived in this house) because

a) it was the color of my old kitchen which had good memories
b) all my little accessories look cute with yellow
c) I was hoping the warmer color would make me like the cabinets better.

old kitchen:

Well, I gave it a good 9 months, and unfortunately, the recessed lighting has not done the trick to make me automatically love the yellow (or the cabinet color, for that matter).

Thinking of something in this family, but open to anything:

The criteria is something-that-will-look-good-once-I-can-paint-the-cabinets. Any ideas?

Also left to do on My Dream Kitchen list:

-crown molding (only room in the house without it besides the guest bath)
-patch ceiling in a few spots
-cafe curtains
-update appliances (gotten a dishwasher so far)
-paint cabinets
-replace floors

Geez you can spend $$ in kitchens quickly! This will surely take a while, but the lighting was a HUGE step.



  1. Instead of eventually painting the cabinets, have you seen Rustoleum's new Transformations line that lets you completely refresh the look of your cabinets (and countertops)? I recently came across a cool blog post about it and I am seriously considering doing it myself:

  2. new lighting looks great! my kitchen wishlist and future color choices are almost identical to yours. except my kitchen is like 1/2 the size ;)

  3. the lighting looks great and what a difference! I love the new fixture above breakfast table too. A good color that plays off a lot of color and I think the light would bounce off well is Ancient Marble by Sherwin Williams. I have a sample that you can look at and Home Depot has their paint in their system.
    I am wanting my mom to paint her bedroom this color and going to order her a larger sample.

  4. The lighting and the fixture changed the whole look and feel of the kitchen, Leslie! I just love it!

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