Pie Bomb

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just so you guys know that it's not all roses and lollipops over here when I bake stuff (yes, even pies), here you go.

I have always loved pineapple and mostly anything involving pineapple. It almost seems like it's cheating, calling itself a fruit (it's so tasty!).

Whenever we'd have pineapple with dinner growing up, my mom would give me the drained juice, like so:

{Good heavens, there is probably an unspeakable amount of sugar in such juice.}

I recently became the lucky recipient of a recipe scrapbook of Jonathan's grandmother, compiled for her by her friends & family as a wedding gift in 1945. Its yellowed pages pasted inside and its precious wooden covers make it feel like even more of a treasured artifact.

So, for my first crack out of its box, I chose Pineapple Chiffon Pie as the guinea pig (besides the pineapple factor, I was familiar and could locate all of the ingredients).

Eggs, sugar, gelatin, pineapple... sounded promising. {Plus, with Pie Week '09 under my belt, the whole making-a-custard-thing-after-soaking-gelatin wasn't so intimidating.}

Looks pretty...

Even with whipped cream and on its best day, unfortunately this was just a good jello/congealed salad with crust. It's not bad or anything, but it's not what I, or probably anyone else, would pick out when hankering for a good ole piece of pie.


Maybe I did something wrong with this. But I don't know what I could've done so wrong, without having left out ingredients or messing up the mechanics of the recipe to have made the inherent taste be so off?

Lesson learned: just because a recipe is old, does not mean it's an instant winner.

Jonathan did raise his eyebrows when I chose this one as the first try from the treasured scrapbook. Perhaps I will go with something more traditional next time, like Fudge Squares or something. (I'll keep you posted.)

No longer always sleuthing but trying to keep it real,
Pie Sleuth

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