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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{photo by Aaron Snow}


Shocking us all (especially my baby daddy)! We were all absolutely convinced it was a boy, and the comments on the giveaway reflected the same overall thought.

Nobody's gonna put this baby in the corner!

So last night, for our "reveal," we had our families over, and did facetime, ichat, and google video with the three out-of-town sibling families.

See? (from L to R: Scottie in Columbia, SC, Kendall in Arlington, TX, and Amanda in Nashville, TN):

Then we held a lottery. We put all the family member names in a bowl (which numbered 15 people total), and I drew a name.

The winner got to see the news first (we had the little "GIRL" card in an envelope), and then got to choose how to announce it to the whole group.

Aunt Amanda won the drawing, so Jonathan texted her a photo of the card. After seeing the text, she yelled "IT'S A GIRL!" to the whole group and it was mayhem. Little nieces Kendall and Kailyn were dancing around with their mommy, "A girl! A girl! Just what we wanted!"

It was so flippin fun.

We're all excited to meet you, little girl!

And the winner of the Starbucks card is... Caroline!

Caroline, email me with your address (, and I'll mail you your prize.

Thanks for playing and sharing in our joy!


  1. It was SOOO fun! Loved having the honor of telling the whole fam! I CAN NOT wait for this baby girl to get here! YAY!

  2. Congratulations! Girls are awesome. We were expecting a boy too, but now we couldn't imagine having anyone but Ellie.

    Wow, I never win anything :) YAY! I can't believe it!!

  3. Yippeeee! This was a very fun reveal. Excited baby Baby Girl J!

  4. congrats! she'll certainly be as cute, interesting and creative as her mom!

  5. I love your face in the computer pic-- classic Leslie face and hands. So cute

    I wish I could have been fly on wall during big reveal. Sounds so so fun!

    Yay for baby girls!!!


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