Early Spring in my Backyard

Monday, March 21, 2011

Redbud trees get their 15 minutes of fame this time of the year, and ours is the star of our backyard:

Budding tulips (my fave!)

Jonny's Butterfly Maple "Pet"...

And, not in my backyard, but flowers just the same... for our celebration of Anne and baby Emery:

{Yes, I realize these photos will win no prizes. I will try to improve my skills for Baby Girl, but realize that there is a long way to go...}

Something is better than nothing? Maybe?

Happy Spring!


  1. pretty pretty!

    and do i spy pictures hanging on the walls?! yea!!

  2. As much as you dislike your photography - it has just made it to my desktop background.

    Oh spring.

  3. Lindsey Bell9:03 AM

    Are those blue Ball jars? Pretty...I wonder where one can find those. Austin is covered in redbuds right now.

    Hope you're well! :)


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