Friday, March 25, 2011

That's where I've lived this week. Jonathan's brother is getting married today. Surprisingly, it's 40 degrees outside as I type this.

I did break this curse, though...

One of my favorite things to eat/drink (whichever it is) during this pregnancy so far has been smoothies (also mentioned here). Jonathan and I both head to Tropical Smoothie Cafe A LOT, like at least several times/week, Jonathan from school and me from wherever.

Right now, when you buy a smoothie, they give you these scratch-off coupon cards. I kept getting things like "Free Breakfast Sandwich" or "99 cents off your smoothie" ...meanwhile, Jonathan was racking up on the "99 cent smoothie" cards, which is basically $4 off. He's been getting them every single time and I had gotten zero. I even went with Martha on Sunday, and the lady handed us two cards at the same time and I got the 99-cent-off card while Martha got the 99-cent-smoothie card.

I was starting to think that in some karmic way, I had done something to wrong the universe...

until Tuesday!

Feast your eyes:

HECK YES! The curse was broken.


  1. dude. the pregnant lady should ALWAYS get the 99 cent smoothie. wise up, tropical smoothie cafe!


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