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Monday, March 28, 2011

Note from Leslie: We are all in for a big treat! My dearest friend Erin has agreed to guest-post for us. Erin & Jonathan's precious baby girl, Felicity, was born at the beginning of December and I am absolutely OBSESSED with her and her cuteness. I knew Erin would be full of baby girl favorite-resource wisdom to share from her parenthood journey thus far. Take it away!

When you are pregnant with or adopting your first baby and registering for all the essentials, there are a few obvious necessities about which everyone has differing opinions--the carseat (I'd go for the Chicco Keyfit), stroller (wish I had the Phil and Ted's), high chair (opted instead for the Fisher Price Booster seat), etc, etc. Then there are the less obvious, but no less wonderful, gems that you stumble upon and can't imagine doing without. At 4 months into this awesome motherhood gig, those items have been:

1. The Quick Zip Sheet Set--I almost took these off my registry because my mom thought they were gimmick-y. Yet even she will now tell you that she is so glad I didn't. These are the BEST. Rather than having to untie all the bumpers and shimmy the mattress out to put on a clean sheet, all I have to do is zip on a new top sheet. Pure genius, huh? And when the time comes that my little one has a middle-of-the-night blow-out (knock on wood, it hasn't happened yet), I will be even more thankful for these puppies.

2. Bum Genius 4.0 Cloth Diapers—This will probably take a lot of convincing for those of you who have visions of white burp cloths with big safety pins, or of your hands and washing machine covered in you-know-what. But seriously, it is NOT like that! We (yes, even my husband) are obsessed with these things, not only for the awesome cost savings, but also the environmental benefits and the fact that they are so stinkin cute! Being far from a domestic goddess (I may or may not have uttered the words, "So do you mop?" in the last year), if I can do them, anyone can. And I'd be willing to bet that you'd actually really enjoy them. The time it takes to wash/dry/fold them is minimal—maybe 15 minutes every few days. We also conservatively estimate that our initial investment will be paid off by the time our little girl is around 8 months. (AND, we get to use these for any subsequent kiddos!) The hubbie and I affectionately call them “the gift that keeps on giving.” Every time we use one, we hear little "Cha-Ching" sounds going off in the distance. (In addition to being a lazy housekeeper, I am also notoriously cheap frugal.) So, while cloth diapering does warrant a bit of research, hopefully I’ve convinced someone to at least give them a second thought. (And for what it’s worth, while there are lots of styles of cloth diapers out there, we have loved the Bum Genius 4.0’s. They work the same way as any disposable diaper so are very grandma/babysitter friendly.)

3. Baby Geek iPhone App—best 99 cents I ever spent. In the early days and weeks with a newborn, this helped me keep track of dirty diapers, which side to nurse on, how long she nursed, weight and height, etc. (Lest you think I’m anal, the pediatrician and nurses really do ask about this kind of stuff so I had to keep track of it.) There are plenty of apps like this out there, but for what we needed it to do, this was perfect (and cheap).

4. Dwell for Target Kimono Onesies—so… I can certainly live without these, but they are so flippin presh, and we needed something girly on this list in honor of Baby Girl Jerkins. These onesies have fun graphic prints that aren’t your run-of-the-mill baby designs, and the kimono style is a fun change (though maybe a little trickier for dads). So far, they have held up really well in the wash. And it’s tough to beat $12.99 for 3 onesies. (Are you seeing a theme here? I told you I was cheap.) Two thumbs up.

Any favorite baby items YOU can't live without? Please share!


  1. I second the booster seat. We have the Fischer-Price Healthy Care Deluxe and love it. Our son can eat off the tray. When he is done, we just throw the dirty bib and silverware on the tray, snap on the lid and wash it all when we get home.

    Some other items we love:
    Bumpkins Superbibs
    Kirkland (Costco) diapers and wipes
    Diaper Dekor Plus with the green (biodegradeable) refill bags...the white ones that BRU carries now do not work as well with odor control!

    We thought about doing cloth diapers, but some day cares will not allow them.

  2. Good job on the guest post, Flarey! Those zipper sheets sound awesome. Wish I had known about those.

    We love our silicon bib with the built in scoop at the bottom and our wub a nub pacifier. Baby Einstein and a portable DVD player is key for road trips, or if you just need 30 minutes when you are cooking dinner. Ellie is 12 months, and her favorite toy is the ball popper - LOVE that thing!

    Also recommend Amazon Mom & their Subscribe and Save for diapers and wipes. It's a great discount, plus you get a free Amazon Prime membership (free 2 day shipping) that keeps extending as you buy more diapers. :)

  3. Great pics!

    Erin, what soap do you use with your Bum Geniuses?

    Ultimate Crib Sheet (by Summer) is similar to the Quick Zip Sheets. Instead of the zip, however, you use your regular crib sheets (mostly for decorative purposes--they still show on the sides underneath the bumper) and lay the Ulitmate on top--it snaps to the slats. Sheet change = unsnap the dirty Ultimate and snap on a new one.

    Of course, haven't used it yet! :)

  4. Hey Jesse,

    I got a good deal on the Bum Genius soap so right now I use one little scoop of that per load (of about 15 diapers). But when that runs out, I might try Charlie's Soap. I've heard good things about it and I think it's cheaper.

    I have a friend here who is adopting from Ethiopia, so as I've seen her walk thru this, I've often thought of you and Rhet. I'm praying for the situation there and that your sweet little girl gets to come home soon and very soon.

  5. bebe Juliette MIGHT have gotten something from your faves, Erin!

    Bring Felicity to Memphis to meet us so she and Juliette can be bff's!

  6. Anonymous12:35 PM

    1. Moses basket (or badger basket)
    He slept great in it and it was awesome when he took naps because I could just carry the basket from room to room when I was doing stuff around the house.

    2. He has a music-playing glow-worm from Target (it's actually a seahorse but glow-seahorse doesn't roll off the tongue). We only play it when he's going to sleep so he associates it with sleeping and it's very soothing to him. It's amazing how well it's worked.


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