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Thursday, February 17, 2011

While I've gawked and/or scoffed at blogs that turn into complete mommy-blog mode after the writer has children, I can definitely understand how this happens.

The primo number one main thing going on in my life right now is that I'm going to have a baby. It's changing what I wear, what I eat, when I go to sleep, how much activity I do (or how much time I do/want to spend on the couch). So, how could I not write about these things?

Another reason the full-out Mom Blog is so tempting is that it's a free & easy place to document things about your pregnancy or your child's life (I know Anne has made a scrapbook from hers--great idea!).

All that said, I give you permission to skip these posts if you don't want to read about it...I'll forgive you. I was you once.

Tomorrow, I'll be 15 weeks along.

Right now, I like to eat/drink:

-smoothies smoothies smoothies
do not get sick of these guys (yet)

I even drove to McDonald's yesterday of all things to try one of their "real fruit smoothies" because I wasn't close to my regular smoothie stop. [And by the way, the clarification of "real" fruit makes it worse. I haven't looked up the ingredients yet because I'm kind of scared.]


-Orange Juice

-Greek yogurt

-kettle-cooked salt & vinegar chips

-hot or grilled sandwiches (with and without turkey, but I'm abstaining from the Great Turkey Meat Debate)

Drawing inspiration from this:

-post for dressing myself

{photo from here}

How freaking cute is she? I don't know if I'll have the ability to use many of my non-maternity clothes for much longer...(there are a few but it's already kinda challenging in more ways than one, if you know what I mean).

Several other great maternity style blogger mavens: Rockstar Diaries and Jenloveskev.

Has anyone out there found maternity inspiration online?


  1. do you read making it lovely? i feel like you'd like it, if you don't already. she just wrote a post about maternity fashion (and one about nursing fashion):

  2. I did not abstain from lunch meat, but I did abstain from the debate also =). I found it most helpful to rely on information directly from the CDC instead of pregnancy websites, which tend to be more hyper sensitive about everything.

  3. Lauren, yes, I did see both of MIL's guides for maternity and nursing. SO great and helpful. She prodded me along to want some maternity jeggings (tough words to put together without wanting to cringe!).

  4. Also, don't beat yourself up about not being able to stretch your pre-pregnancy clothes. I am 22 weeks and there is NO WAY I could put on any of my old pants, not even with a band thingie. Some people can do it, but I can't. I also wore a lot of fitted clothing rather than loose so tops aren't working out too well either.

  5. Leslie, I feel like you wrote this "warning" to me....miss you. Got your card yesterday, not plans yet to be in Memphis, but I'm sure we'll make it up there at some point in the summer.

  6. That is an adorable preggo outfit! That Making it Lovely post about maternity clothes was spot on, in my opinion. Only, I never tried stripes! Yikes! I got nearly all my maternity clothes at the GAP (employee discount was 50%!) so I just wore that stuff. I didn't read blogs back then, so I just wore what GAP offered me. Pretty boring. I am sure you look cute. I hope you post some photos. I rarely did, so I understand if you don't. Take care!

  7. Do you read Kelly Korner - she posts like everyday and is pregnant with her 2nd little girl. I am addicted to her blog, I think you would love ... she had darling ideas too...

  8. I just want you to know I totally thought those pictures were of you.

  9. I echo how helpfu the post on Making it Lovely were. I would also add that the fashionable ladies over at have a great archive of pregnancy fashion posts.

  10. dear leslie, i would like it if you posted MORE mommy things. love, elise. (ps super excited for you!)

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