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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Granny lives in a high-rise building with condos. On her floor outside the elevator, there's a little console table that the residents of the 6th floor like to decorate with seasonal items (Christmas, 4th of July, etc.)

I loved this month's addition to the glass birds and clear beads:

When we asked Granny about it, she said, "Oh, we put that out sometimes in case people need to sharpen their pencils. You know."

Uh, no? But well done.

Also, I don't think I showed you this chair I got at Sheffield's Antique Mall last summer for $60:

I bought new fabric with a gift card (at Broom Corn, locally), and was going to save up for the upholstery job (no way I am balla enough to try that one on my own...unlike Stephanie and Lauren!).

My mom stole away the fabric and the chair one day before Christmas when just Jonathan was home and surprised me with it:

I love how it turned out. The toile in orange will be timeless but still a little "unexpected" as they say. {Cliff, pick your jaw up off the floor.} Thanks, Mom!

(also you can kinda see my den curtains in the background that Granny and Martha helped me with.)

Slowly but surely.


  1. love the chair and curtains! any other house updates to share?

    also, i think you're underestimating the value of a freshly-sharpened pencil.

  2. i just tried to print the calendar for my office but it said the file was gone =(

    i love that chair by the way!


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