you know you're an adult when...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

...your dream-world/lottery-winner Christmas list includes some magically installed recessed lighting:



or an Electrolux vacuum akin to this one:

Fantasyland, my friends. Adult dream-time going on above.

[Btw, my parents have one of those Electrolux vacuums and let me tell you...if I ever want to REALLY vacuum (which is every time I actually get out the vacuum aka not too often), I will drive over and borrow it. It vacuums MOUNTAINS/WORLDS/GALAXIES better than the Dyson we bought right after we got married.]

But, I guess things haven't gotten completely out of control.

I would love this Beatles print too:

Being an adult isn't so bad.

What adult-y things do you want from Santa Claus? Corningware? A good drill? Lay it on me...I'm right there with you!


  1. Actually, a vacuum cleaner is totally on my list! And I would add a sewing machine (sort of an adult toy!) and a few more pace settings of our china because we have been married 4 years and they have started discontinuing it and I am sort of freaked that a plate might break and then I would be forced to pay tons to buy a replacement!

    So, that's my adult Christmas List!

  2. A good mop for hardwood floors. :)

  3. hmmm....2 stainless steel trash cans, my sectional I have had my eye on for a long time, and for my closet to be finished. That's all I ask is that too much!

  4. I was directed to your blog by Pam Guinn. I mentioned that I knew Martha from working at Banana and she asked if I read your blog. We were laughing today about the things that us young pups want for Christmas. I said I was getting 15 yards of fabric and she said, "Oh you've got to see Leslie's blog, she wants recessed lighting!" Too funny!
    Merry Christmas and visit me @

  5. Ha! Ok, on my list: cutting board, re-upholster sofa, gardening book, and I always ask for pieces of my silver flatware.
    Totally boring, but I'd be thrilled with anything on my list! Love the recessed lighting- wouldn't complain if that showed up 'under the tree' again!

  6. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Just picked up a greaat Electrolux Super J, circa 1976, with the Carpet beater thing.for $16.25 plus 20 bags were included at a Volunteers of America thrift outlet in Upstate NY. This was a super score. I have an old 1957 model G that needed a new hose handle, best deal I could find online was about $50.00 plus shipping and today I just saw that vacuum sitting there and though t"that's cheaper then a handle"... Wa hooo , sixteen dollars... it is great, and sucks like a champ and cleaned up to look almost new. Refurbished it sells for $375, a new knockoff is $995 So keep your eyes open. Find a thrift store, donate/sell that is close to the richest suburb you know and check often.


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