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Monday, December 13, 2010

The title is not "Cookie Overload" because I'm not completely overloaded by cookies. I mean, technically, yes, we've been on cookie overload, but that doesn't mean I'm ready for it to be over. Get it? But I may just overload you with photos here in a minute, so fasten your seatbelts.

Our Sunday School class wives' annual Christmas Cookie Exchange was this past Friday, and this year I had the pleasure of hosting.

This year I made "Dinner Mint Cookies" from BH&G, link here.

They're powdery, like wedding cookies-ish.

You grind up dinner mints in the food processor, stir them into the dough, and then roll the warm cookies in some after baking.

this photo was an attempt to copy Jonny's great cookie photo from last year:


*A note on the Dinner Mint cookies: they are tasty, yes. BUT they are not my very favorite and nowhere near held a candle to the winners from this year. Their place is most likely at some sort of baby or wedding shower next to the decaf coffee. In that setting, they'd be perfect.

Then the party started. We had so many great savory apps this year. Martha brought this tasty dip:

{wish I'd had the brains to take a pic of the whole savory spread!}

Here is the magnificent cookie "tasting" table:

Fourteen different kinds of cookies to taste! And fourteen different kinds (plus the recipe!) for everyone to take home...The take-home bags:


Marthie's cute "Mint Chocolate Check Mates"...

The Dinner Mint cookies, plated and ready:

And yes, those little placards are tiny. I was so proud of myself for making them, and then when Martha and I were cutting and folding them before the party, she was like, "who do you think we are, Keebler elves?" whoops. [They just looked so cute at that size though--I just should've made the font bigger.]

Marth and one of our winners, the other Leslie (who, quite coincidentally, is also married to a Jonathan):

Leslie's "Chai Crescents" won for most unique. Let me tell you, I am dreaming about those cookies at this very moment. (Hopefully will make some soon!)

Our "Best Presentation" winner (for her adorable brown paper packages tied up with string, including postage stamps) there on the left, Laura/Eve, along with Lauren, Shellie, and Meredith (thanks for the dip, M!):

The only pic I got of the Cookie Queen of 2010, aka Best Overall winner, aka Mandi Burke, aka My Hero was with full flash and I'm pretty sure she would hate me forever if I posted the picture I have. {Darned overhead lighting didn't give me enough for sans flash.}

Mandi's Iced Eggnog Cookies broke everyone's heart with their goodness, and handed her the prize.

This is a terrible photo, but I want you to get an idea of the tasting plates in their enormity of task:

Thanks to everyone who was able to come! We had a great time and walked away with some wonderful recipes (and quite a few extra calories)!


The very next day, on Saturday, I picked up Shauna and her friend B and they came over to make...what else?...cookies!

These are (probably) my very favorite frosted sugar cookies, aka Mrs Debbie E's "Decorator's Dream Cookies."

They are indeed dreamy in their tastiness.

Peace, yall.

Happy Cookie-ing this Christmas!


  1. i'm dreaming of chai crescents & eggnog cookies.. mmmmm

    what a splendid evening we had.

  2. what a great host you were, Leslie! And what a nice friend for not posting this picture you speak of. I can only imgaine... :)

    perfect night all around!

  3. I started reading your blog a few weeks ago. :) LOVE it. I LOVE the picture of S and B too!!

  4. i am waaaay impressed with the creative cookies yall made! dont think i'll get around to a cookie tasting party this yr, tbut i'm inspired for next yr!

  5. This is such a great post for so many reasons! You party looks like perfection, your Spode Christmas plates look fab and all those cookies! I'm just sick we didn't bring Christmas china to Boston. Can't wait to hopefully throw a party like this next year!

  6. Such a fun night! Thanks again for hosting!


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