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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

1. Why can't hot chocolate have zero calories?

2. What is it about small cheddar crackers? My new obsession: Annie's Cheddar Bunnies. They're brilliant.

3. Greek yogurt is seriously good.

4. All of these thoughts have to do with food. Hmmm.

5. I've been going to spinning class....does that help?

6. BIG OLE THANKS to Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy for having me guest-post on her blog today (you like how I made up my own verb there?), writing about one of my favorite subjects:

That's right, Elvis standing at the gates of Graceland.

Just kidding--it's a post about Memphis! Jump on over and read if you'd like {Memphians, lemme know how I did}.

Thanks Lauren, for letting me show off our great little city!


  1. i will post this on the actual article too but i am so glad you wrote this! i tell people all the time that i dont just sell houses, i sell MEMPHIS, and i love that you love it too! i also love that you included the river- my hubs works on the river in the tugboat/ barge industry and it is such a huge part of our economy that is always over-looked!
    you are the best!

  2. we ate at least 2 boxes of annies cheddar bunnies while hiking in Montana. Youre not kidding, they are so good!

  3. Thanks for posting on Aspiring Kennedy!! You put us all in a Memphis mood! I knew you'd represent your city well. :)

  4. oh i heart memphis too!!! even though i'm an hour away it still feels like i live there too!! so in my book, you did good.

  5. loved reading your post about Memphis! My husband grew up there and we lived there together the past 3 we are in North Carolina! Happy to find your blog! :) P.S Would die for a Muddy's cupcake right now.

  6. cheddar bunnies are a regular staple in my drawer at work--the kids come by after school and beg for handfuls! I can't even eat Goldfish anymore because the bunnies are so superior.


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