Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[I'm a loser. I started this post on Monday morning. whoops.]

Over the weekend, I went to Garden Ridge in search of a cheap 8x10 area rug for our guest room. My grandma is staying with us this week, and I wanted her to have some cushion for her toes in the mornings.

(Amanda had directed me there after seeing YHL post about their trip to Garden Ridge. Smart.)

I like finding treasures at GR every now and again...but must admit that giving myself a pep talk is necessary before venturing in. Saturday's excursion was no exception. Christmas was in full swing, and people were everywhere.

During the trip, I overheard this comment between a boyfriend/girlfriend-y type couple regarding the following item:

"This would totally make a great conversation piece."

Yeah, it's a toilet paper roll holder. With a hat plunger.

Beyond disturbing.

However, I did find this 8x10 neutral rug for $60 though:

Nothing wrong with cheap + functional.

Saw two of the cutest babies ever on Sunday:

And we've got this whole leaf ocean thing going in our backyard:

TODAY may be the day to plant those violets sitting on the table that we bought 4 weeks ago, if it's not raining.

Allow me a soapbox-y comment before we close this randomness:

What in the WORLD is going on with the whole we're-open-on-Thanksgiving-Day thing?! It started predictably enough with Wal-Mart...then I see MICHAELS is open on Thanksgiving? Is nothing sacred anymore? As a former full-time retail employee, I entreat you LET THESE PEOPLE STAY AT HOME! They've got serious resting up to do before the madness of Black Friday, especially at the big-box stores of insanity. This is a disturbing trend that cannot end well.

Foodstuffs I'm preparing for Thanksgiving are pretty much set. Be back to share afterward (if successful).

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Yes! I love your rant. I am always appalled that more and more places are BRAGGING that they mistreat their employees (ie: we're open Thanksgiving!). I'm always bragging that we close for the whole weekend. :)
    Bravo to you for standing up to our insane consumer-centered world!!! Hip hip hooray for Leslie!

  2. Love the rug. I love Garden Ridge. :) My dad got us all Starbucks this morning. COULD NOT BELIEVE they were open???? I mean, I enjoyed my coffee for sure, but was kind of disappointed!


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