Laundry : Officially Done

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's been officially done for at least six weeks now (maybe longer). Sorry I'm just now getting around to sharing with you.

Reminder of the before:

During: (more posts during the during here)


We now have a pantry!

Laundry room in old storage closet at the back of our den, doorway to the left of the back door.

Thanks to Robbins Construction for taking care of business on this project. We DIY'd none of what you see. And let me tell you, I am FINE with that and very thankful!

You can run and tell THAT.


  1. I love the new pantry! Drooling over here. :) And the laundry room will be a huge improvement over the old location. Yea for progress! And for paying other people to achieve it!

  2. I love the new kitchen. Looks amazing!!

  3. Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person!

  4. Wow! What a difference! Looks great!


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