Giving Thanksgiving Its Due

Sunday, November 28, 2010

We love Thanksgiving! Food, football, family (the three fs, I guess)... but mainly food.

Four grocery store trips it took me to find this, the necessary ingredient for "Tony's Spinach," a Guinn family favorite (that has now also become a Jerkins family dinner staple).

My granny found this recipe in some post office employee pamphlet my grandaddy George brought home one holiday season forever ago. Seeing as I have no photo of the finished product, I'll share the recipe with the subsequent (and inevitably blurry) photos closer to Christmas.

The pepper jack Velveeta is crucial. Forgive the processed cheese for this special occasion.

Also made PW's Dinner Rolls, recipe here:

{The method is similar to her Cinnamon Rolls, and thus pretty easy to do.}

So delish, and worth the work.

Here's where things got a little crazy.

You know how I'm kinda weird? And sometimes like to make things harder than necessary? {Remember Pie Week '09?}

I'd committed to bringing a pie to Thanksgiving dinner, along with the rolls and the spinach.

Well, PW had posted her Pumpkin Cream Pie last week (during her pie week) looked like a fairly straightforward chilled pie, nothing complicated, with a graham cracker crust.

Hmmm. That seemed too easy.

"I wonder if there is a recipe out there for graham crackers?" I said to myself.

Turns out, there is! Knowing it would be wayyyyy easier to buy ready-made graham crackers (if not even a ready-made graham cracker crust), I nevertheless decided to give this a whirl.

Because if a homemade graham cracker crust was going to take the pumpkin cream pie to the next level, I sure as heck had to know.

Thank you, smitten kitchen.

They didn't have to be pretty since they were going to be ground to a pulp for the crust.

Here's my pie.

And here are some bullet points:

1. The graham cracker recipe may seem intimidating. Don't let it be so. It's a good one to work in while you're doing other cooking because there are rest periods after several of the steps.

2. The crust was DYNAMITE. I am totally serious. It KILLED in crust form. The taste was leagues better than any graham cracker crust I've eaten to date. Which leads me to...

3. The crust outshone the filling. Hear this: the filling was fine...pretty good, even. It just wasn't wonderful. And it needed to be great to keep up with all the incredible-ness going on in the crust.

I have frozen the remaining graham crackers and will put them to use during Christmastime for another, more robust pie filling. {Suggestions?}

Do you still think I'm crazy?


Sad to throw away perfectly adorable mini-pumpkins:

But we're moving on to Christmas (!). And, in what I hope is a new Jerkins tradition, we already got our tree (feels early but it's nice!).

(you think that photo is artsy or just bad? I couldn't decide. either way, there's teeth-grinding going on.)

Happy week-after and official start to Christmas.


  1. Next step, homemade vanilla wafers for you banana pudding. It's worth it.

  2. I don't know why I keep acting surprised that you make your own anything. Of course you do!

    And now, if you could find a way to make baked cheetos or cheez-its and then invite me over to eat them all, that'd be nice.

    I'm gonna go with artsy for the photo :)

  3. i'm so impressed with you! that sounds very good and not easy!!
    i was a little sad to see my pumpkin's go too!


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