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Friday, October 08, 2010

It annoys my husband when people overly celebrate Fridays. To some extent, I agree with him. Friday makes up 20% of the work week. It's no anomaly: Fridays happen every week.

But sorry. This week I can't help it.

This print now resides in my newly navy bathroom (pic to come...someday):

by Teagan White, here. In love with it.

If you can, please meander over to this article in Memphis' Commercial Appeal (our main paper), where I got a few lines of interview and geek out over blogs in a major way. {slightly embarrassing, but we'll take it.}

Team Jerkins is greatly anticipating the Greenline block party on Saturday (one of them is right by our house), to celebrate the opening of the new trail in town, Memphis' newest treasure. {Alas, the forecast shows 90 for the high. I must have spoken too soon.}

Bon weekend, mes amis!

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  1. LESLIE you are famous!!! 120 blogs?! how do you do it?! im so impressed!!! imma text you about block party- im flying solo this weekend (torrent is out of town) but i am def bringing potter the puppers and going to be at your block for sure.
    also that sign in your newly navy bathroom made me laugh. SO. HARD. love it! love you!


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