Te Amo, Greenline

Friday, October 15, 2010

Forgot to post these photos from last Saturday's Shelby Farms Greenline opening party, and our subsequent long bike ride.

Here's on the bridge heading east to Shelby Farms itself:

It's so beautiful, with all the trees and nature stuff, and super fun to ride on such a long bridge.


Even the times I've ridden on it this week, I can already see a difference in the foliage from last Saturday. Yippee, sweet autumn!

Here's Jonny riding up to the block party at our nearby entry point:

This mobile bike "band" slash table-with-a-DJ rode up and down the Greenline on Saturday, to each of the block parties. The generator powering the music was fueled by bikes!

This year is the Memphis Grizzlies' 10th year in town, and they have these "We Believe in Blah Blah Blah" billboards all over town.

We loved this one, which you can see from the trail (right by the bridge previously pictured):

"We Believe in the Greenline" [chills! we do too!]

The entry into Shelby Farms itself and its trails was completed Saturday, so we got to ride into it for the first time...Jonny, below:

We ended up at Patriot Lake (see Clark Tower way in the distance?):

The Jerkins, along with myriad Memphians, could not be more ecstatic about this addition to our beloved little underdog city. [and also, there's an entry point ridiculously close to our house...try 500 yards-ish?]

We may be a little behind the national trends, but nevertheless glad this one has arrived.

More articles to read about the bicycle explosion in Memphis, if you'd like, here, here, and here


  1. So sad we missed it. Pics are great, thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE our little city. Behind or not, this is a great trend. And speaking of "behinds," I know it will help mine! ;)

  3. so fun!!!!! lets go for a ride soon!


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