Pumpkin Contemplation

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[tee hee re: that photo.]

So I've had a few facebook requests for "Pumpkin Week" a la Pie Week '09, which includes different pumpkin recipes and photos/commentary documenting the travails of cooking one each day for one week.

While I don't quite have the time/energy to do a full 7 days, I was thinking that "Pumpkin Work-Week 2010" might be fun? (as in, 5 days...)

Any thoughts? Seconds?


  1. Sounds fun! I say do it! I'll follow you!

    So, I was wondering if you've ever made a coconut cream pie? I had one at The Commissary recently and it was TOO DIE FOR. I thought of you and wondered if you had a trusty recipe for this pie.

    I have a great pumpkin dip recipe if you want. It probably wouldn't qualify for a whole post for Pumpkin week since it's so easy and quick, but it's a fall fave of mine.

  2. I think 5 days is fine, we love you and aren't picky. :)
    Oooor, get collaborative and get volunteers to each make a different pie recipe and then everyone get together for a tasting. This allows everyone to eat a lot of pie, which is always a happy occasion. I for one would cheerfully volunteer... to bake or eat or both :)
    (Can you tell I've been working on my delegation aka non-control-freak-try-do-everything-myself skills at work?) ;)

  3. Yes, Please! Five days is plenty, I'd be satisfied with 3 if that's all you could swing. I even have a recipe I've been wanting to try that I'll e-mail you! You are the best!

  4. You totally should - I have a pumpkin spice cake recipe that's awwwwesome.


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