The Longest Project Ever / ie, Bedside Table

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Maybe not ever?

One could say that a year is pretty darn long time for the following. (Especially for something that should've taken a weekend at most.) The project officially commenced in June of '09. Ah, well.

I originally saw this post on the Cucumbersome blog last March (by last March, I mean March '09).

After promptly emailing its brilliance to about seventeen people, I knew this would be one for chez Jerkins. And Sister joined in with me.

I urge you friends, if you want to do this yourself, please please please read the instructions on the original post. because, a) I don't want to completely hijack her project, b) it's better coming straight from the horse's mouth anyway, and c) I've forgotten a lot of technical things in 15 months' time.

Here's the Original (for posterity's sake):

[This beautiful knockoff was inspired by an Anthropologie side table that is no longer on their website, but you can see it on the original Cucumbersome post.]

And why the heck not?

Start with a little wooden drawer piece from ikea for $15 (Memphians, we went to the Ikea in Dallas during our annual Memorial Day trip of '09...I don't see it on their website, but it was in the desk/office supply section):

Then, act like a complete weirdo freak while putting it together, so your Sister can contrastingly look even more like a model than usual:

Buy different moldings from Home Depot and/or Lowe's (ours is a mixture from both places), and have your husband or brother-in-law cut them to size [this is the most expensive part of the project, if I remember correctly]:

Wood glue 'em on the front of the drawers and get some legs (again from HD, and again some technical stuff you'd be better off reading in the original post's instructions if you want to replicate):

Paint it whatever color you want (this is "Anonymous" by Behr), and fix whatever little knobs you want on it (these were maybe 99 cents from Hobby Lobby):

And there you have it.

*I wouldn't say this little project was hard, per se, but it did involve sawing things and I don't use a saw as a general rule. besides that, it was pretty easy. Also, Martha and I put a base on ours, made from an old closet shelf cut to size, to give the legs something more substantial to be affixed to. (Let me know if you have further questions about this part.)

Little Bedside Table That Could (or The Little Side Table-Who-Wouldn't-Be-Stopped-Even-by-a-Year-of-Procrastinating-Between-Steps).


The One Who Didn't Let the Man Get Her Down (the Man being my own self)
aka Leslie


  1. It looks great, Leslie! Love the orange knobs!

  2. LOVE! So glad you did this prject--I have loved it ever since I saw it on Design Sponge. I may copy you now that I know it wasn't too hard--or was it?
    And I love the picture of you and Martha--and the caption. ha ha! you crack me up

  3. ETH, I added that asterisk for you at the end. xo

  4. Love it! I am still in the process of sanding our chest to repaint. This might be come a year project if I don't get after it. Any who, it is adorable. You gals are so crafty.

  5. love this table & the color especially!

  6. super cute! worth the wait ;)

  7. How did I not make it to your blog before now!!!? I love this table! BRAVA


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