Autumnal Movies

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Are there any movies you're just itching to watch when the leaves begin to turn and the temperature drops into heavenly digits?

For me, there are two.

#1 : Runaway Bride, yessiree.

Small town Americana charm, football, leaves, a white church... and Richard Gere & Julia Roberts reunited.

I love the bit about the eggs..."how do you take your eggs?"

side bar: Julia wears a shirt in this movie that I had when the movie came out in '99... it was my first thing to own from Abercrombie & Fitch, and epitomized my quest to come off Joey Potter-esque. I was beyond thrilled to see Julia sporting it in this movie, but I never quite pulled it off like she or Katie Holmes did. [maybe because I was an awkward weirdo early high schooler? that, or because it was a flannel shirt in the first place.]

#2 is Sweet Home Alabama.

Look at that cutie pie Reese. And those boots!

This movie came out my first semester of college. I watched a despicable amount of television my freshman year...needless to say, I remember seeing the previews for this movie and being so thrilled about fall coming and going to see an autumnal movie in the theater with spanking-new friends. [I was to find out later that fall doesn't really get to Austin until mid to late November.]

I (and probably about a jillion other girls) would have LOVED to be able to pull off Reese's haircut in that movie. On top of that, she played a clothing designer AND got to pick her own ring at Tiffany's? Sheesh.


Who's coming over for movies & popcorn?

We could make caramel corn...mmmm....


  1. I am there. I LOVED both those movies. I also unfortunately thought I could pull off Reese's haircut and tried. It was not a good idea.

  2. LOVE both of those movies. And, yes, tried to wear that haircut.

    I also love You've Got Mail!

  3. You've. Got. Mail.

    I will mail you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.

  4. As a K teacher, the freshly sharpened pencils line is my favorite part of the movie. :) Thanks, Jesse. Miss you girls!

  5. haha, i had the shirt that julia has on in the picture above. not so cute looking back on it, but i LOVED it! And this makes me want to watch sweet home alabama


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