My Granny is 90

Monday, August 30, 2010

So we had a party.

Luckily, in our arsenal of tricks, we are privileged to know (and be related to) the dazzlingly talented duo of (Jonathan's bro) Stephen & wife Amanda Jerkins.

[Some of you may also know Stephen from Nashville band, The Nobility, fame, who we were extremely fortunate to have play music at our wedding reception.]

Stephen has taken the beautiful photos that follow; Amanda arranged the gorgeous flowers for the event.

The party was Saturday afternoon in our new church building's lobby...

...with sort of a "puzzle" theme [my granny loves to work puzzles, among other talents].

Music and entertainment provided by Granny's fave, Swingtime Explosion
(in which my dad plays the trumpet);

My dad (very smartly) had arranged for the playlist to contain at least one song from each decade in which my granny has lived...yep, 10 decades of songs!

We weren't allowed to cut the cake until we'd made it through the 40s...

My sweet mom and my Aunt Gail with the Lady of the Hour:

(Granny was SO relieved when we finally cut the cake!)
Such a delicious strawberry cake by Laura Jackson:

Martha/I did these cute guestbook/photo cards for our "photobooth" :

So, you write your name, where you're from, and then Jonny takes your pic:

We'll print the pics wallet-sized, paste them on the corresponding card, and present Granny with her photo-guestbook!

Here are some closer shots of the flowers (they were so perfect!):

Loved the milk glass!

Stunning, right?

Stephen & Amanda, thank you so much for coming from Nashville to Memphis to help us celebrate such a milestone with our granny by sharing your talents! We love you!

Let's have s'more parties, eh?


  1. thanks for the post! it was fun!!! Love, Mom

  2. Thanks for your kind words! It was so much fun!

  3. that seems like a rockin party for a rockin lady! that cake is amazing! love the puzzle theme- i can relate as i am a lover of all things puzzle-y!
    the flowers, the food, the photo guestbook- it all looks like it was so well thought out and executed! love it!

  4. Fun party! Great photos Mr. Jerkins!


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