Hot Mess

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This is what our yard looks like as I type:

We have to be able to drain the water from the washing machine. No plumbing previously on the side of the house where the laundry room is going to be. And this is why no previous owners have done this project before now. Yep.

...It's been a long time since I've gone over a week without blogging. I wrote a post last Wednesday morning called "It's Wednesday, What?" and by the time I had time to finish it on Friday, it obviously wasn't Wednesday anymore.

I don't know where the time is going! It's like tons of things are happening--J started med school, a car could fit inside the hole in our yard--but nothing has really HAPPENED per se.

That sounds dumb. More mess:

You will maybe never meet a girl so thrilled about a laundry room. It will all be totally worth it (see the washer/dryer's current location in previous post).

Over and out.


  1. this is for the laundry room?!?! i guess you're having to move water lines or something? my goodness! it will be so worth it though!

    hehe, just noticed that the "top post" is your bathroom stall post - i always think of that when using a public bathroom ;)

  2. This is nuts! But yes, completely worth a laundry room and more cabinet/counter space in the kitchen. cant wait to see the end!

  3. Oh wow! Just think of how spectacular the "after" pictures will be! And congrats to your man on medical school! Beth just told me that he got in and I am just thrilled for you! (And any time you need to commiserate about the joys of having your hubby studying all the time, I'm your girl! ;)


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