Alive and Laying Sod

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yes, we're still here. And no, our yard has not been a giant pit of mud for the last week (sorry I left that other post up there so long). It was actually smoothed into a nice, flat dirt yard the very next day.

Laying sod in our front yard is the DIY portion of Laundry Room Extravaganza '10 (to the extent it's possible, time-wise).

This gives you an idea of what we started with last night, before laying down the ole grass.

My dad--and mom both!--are rockstars, and helped SO much last night...they've definitely still got it!...(whatever "it" is). Thank you thank you thank you!

We got about a third-ish of the front down before running out of daylight:

[Because we're running low on ole Mother Time, we had to bring in reinforcements--in the form of one Capt. T. Kelley. Thanks, Tiger.]

I'll show you the completed pic when the whole shebang is all nice and golf-course like.

But wait! hasn't been all sod and gloom around here:

I got some new kicks (for a good cause!), the Toms Hockaday Cordones:

Totally in love. [Also I'm glad to say I have friends from college who went to Hockaday in Dallas, so I'm not a total idiot-poser...right?]
p.s. people are NOT kidding about these shoes being insanely comfortable.

The new Magic Kids album, lovingly titled "Memphis," came out:

Go buy it now. Seriously. They are on the cusp of explosion, a la MGMT. And they love Memphis. It's a win-win.

We had a visit from the lovely and wonderful Wussows (who really need to update their blog!). I'm a dum dum and have no photos of this event, but we had a big ole Memphis weekend: went to Molly Fontaine's, Wild Bill's, Au Fond Farmtable, and finished it off with the hilarious and sweaty Donna Summer concert at Live in the Garden. Whew!

Oh, and I got some new glasses.

And yes, I know I look like a rabbit in this photo. It's weird taking a picture of yourself at the glasses store, okay?

Everyone else in the entire store thought I should go for these other cat eye frames...but I went for these instead (and thankfully, these were Sister's preference via photo-text approval.

I love 'em in all their nerdiness. Are they big enough? What do you think?

[i can't believe i'm posting this photo on the internet.]


  1. Love the new glasses and shoes!

    Not sure I can wait for the finished laundry- how about a sneak peak?!

  2. oh boy, i mean peek.

  3. Wild Bill's is great, we have yet to go to the other two places. Love the Tom's!

    Maybe I can come with Mandi and have a sneak peak (haha peek)! Take care of that sod. We laid some in our backyard and water everyday.

  4. i got myself some nerdy glasses too!! i love them.


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