Three Things / Radio Cat

Friday, July 09, 2010

1. This is where my cat likes to sit and watch us while we do p90x workouts:

What a jerk. He just sits there. Watching.

We huff and we puff and we exert ourselves. And he sits. And dozes. And watches.

Sometimes [read: most/all the time] I wish I had my cat's life.

[Yes, we're doing p90x. We're on Day 12 of 90 or some such, but we took a break for our road trip, so it's more like p112x at this point. I can't see this not working--double negative there for emphasis--if we actually do the whole thing and don't eat sticks of butter for dinner every night. I've been sore every. single. day. That's good though, right?]

2. This is my new favorite toy:

The Swiffer Vac. My oh my. This guy works wonders on wood floors (especially ones with no rugs over them yet).

Solid investment. I've wanted one since Kelly H mentioned it on this old old post several years ago.

When we moved into the new house, I knew it was time.

The Swiffer Vac has served us well! If you've been on the fence about it, go ahead and jump off.

3. Look at my man in his 3-piece suit:

cutie. [at the wedding a few wkds ago]

Happy Friday! ta ta


  1. First of all, the Swiffer vac has been my best friend ever since it's creation! With all wood floors and two doggie doos, it's a complete life saver!!! I would give an endorsement any day! Two - super cute hair! I clearly haven't seen you in way too long!

  2. Better than the Swiffer vac is the Shark Steam Mop...wowzer...what an unbelievable clean!!!! I would eat off my floor it is so clean! But it doesn't have a vacuum :(

  3. hahaha pets are such a-holes when it comes to exercising. i have to put our dogs out when i do sit-ups, because they stand over me the whole time and lick my face, which makes it difficult. let us know how the p90x goes!

    i need a swiffer vac too.


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