Midsummer Update : Patio Containers

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I first showed you my plantings at the beginning of the summer in this post.

So now I will show you how these beauties have filled out. [settle in...lots of pics!]

Beginning of summer:

[blurry junk of a pic, i know]


Is that purple fountain grass to die for? The double impatiens have not held up their end of the bargain, however.


The other big'un at the beginning:


Double impatiens are being stubborn...they always look like they're JUST about to bloom, but don't really.

This guy got a new home...then:

Now (more room to grow!):

[super sunny pic, sorry]

Window box #1, just after planting:


So funny how these boxes had the same plants arranged in the same formation, but three feet apart in sunlight is enough to make them fill in completely differently...

Window Box #2 at the beginning:

For some reason, in this one, those yellow flowers took over the world, and the poor red salvia haven't had as much glory.


I just love that white licorice, don't you?

You can really see the yellow flowers' height here:

Interesting, eh?

This lantana/dusty miller combo has been the biggest disappointment so far. Promising start:


I don't know if I just got a bad batch of the lantana or what, because the rest of the lantana I see around town looks just great!
[Sister got some the same day as me, same place, same variety, same color,
and hers have gotten huge!]


Owl collection:

Cypress vine and climatis on the same trellis:

Three climatis blooms on one shoot!

[What a relief ... this guy was transplanted from one of the pots to the ground, and looked a little iffy for several weeks.]

zinnias planted from seeds, still making their way:

Herb pot, in which the basil has grown fat, the lavendar had to be replaced, the cilantro died, and the parsley is coming along, and the mint is starting after us. Not symmetrical, but ah well:

Back door:

Calladiums with a little creeping jenny...uh, creeping.

Hanging basket:

Double petunias, vinca, creeping jenny.

Probably my fave concoction of the summer. You can see it through the dining room window.

Back yard on May 6th-ish:

Back yard on July 20th-ish:

Obviously, there's a ton more landscaping work to do in years to come...
but thanks for stopping by / humoring me!

Has the summer been good to your flowers?


  1. We have had the same problem with our impatiens this year...wonder if its the weather??

  2. confession: i am a plant killer. in the past year, i have killed four topiaries, two random leafy plants i don't know the names of, one tree and one orchid. black thumb! thankfully, the hubs is in charge of our vegetable garden :)

  3. Impressive! I am embarrassed to show you our beds and containers...I have given up for this summer. It got blistering hot waaaay to fast and nothing has done well at all. Giving up and starting afresh come fall with pansies and ivy...

  4. These look lovely!

    My double impatiens did the exact same thing. Always on the verge of blooming and then ... meh!

  5. maybe because it was the hottest June on the planet in the history of the world (literally, I think?)

  6. Leslie,

    Looks great!!! I am impressed. I just want to sit in your back yard and have some lemonade. :)

    Try the lantana again. I do NOT have a green thumb and pretty much kill everything, but I always had luck with lantana. And, I loved the butterflies that they attract!

  7. Omg! Those owl planters are adorable!

  8. i'm jealous of your green thumb!

  9. Everything looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it this evening.

  10. So lovely! I think this is the first time I am commenting on your blog which is weird because I read every word and always comment in my head. I guess you don't hear those. Anyways, your plants are beautiful - teach me some skills.


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