4th of July and Watermelon Pie

Monday, July 05, 2010

Did you catch that? I just made a rhyme.

As I mentioned last year, Independence Day is a big deal for the Guinn family.

The 18th Annual July 4th Parade in my parents' neighborhood, nighttime kickball game, etc. were all back in full force.

I'm not sure I can say they were better than ever--it was kinda awkward with the holiday on Sunday, IMHO [in my humble opinion, for those who need the abbrev help]. The parade was Saturday, and we had more festivities on Sunday.

...I guess it just spread things out...and then we got Monday off but it wasn't a real holiday? Whatev.

The float getting ready to take its annual ride around the block:

One thing that WAS better is that we have a new neighborhood this year. And they celebrate holidays with FERVOR [and plenty of food!]. Americana at its best!

[I have some new BFFs. They're all under 10 and will tell you WHATEVER you want to know. It's totally enlightening.]

For the annual July 4th Parade Dessert Contest, I made a Fresh Watermelon Pie. Sounds kinda weird, right?

I found the recipe last summer here, and had been pining for an excuse to make it.

Here was my first result:

I didn't let it chill overnight on a flat surface, hence the embarrassingly noticeable slant. Whoops.

See how the chocolate chunks make the little "seeds" of the watermelon?

Not sure I'd call this one a real prizewinner--there were a total of three desserts brought to the parade, and three dessert categories with three prizes. So, obviously I won a prize. But so did some Target cupcakes.

The slanted/freakish appearance of the first pie spurred me to make a second one. [I tell you, I cannot let baked goods beat me (usually). Must be some kind of illness.]

Second attempt:

Probably not the pie you want to bring to an outdoor parade on a 90 degree day, since it's supposed to be chilled. Cute though, no?

Basically, you just puree some fresh watermelon, then stir it into heated whipping cream, sugar, and lemon juice. Graham cracker crust (make your own if you do it--completely worth it), and you're done. Check out the recipe here if you're intrigued.

Next time (if there is a next time), I wouldn't use a whole package of gelatin. It's really TOO congealed...almost like a jello salad or something.

The float amidst the parade revelry:

For the neighborhood festivities on Sunday night, I made and brought PW's Blackberry Ice Cream.

Oh mama. Delish.

[photo by Ree Drummond...ours vanished before I got a pic]

We have one of these Cuisinart Ice Cream maker thingys, and I have used it about a jillion times already this summer [sorbets are PRIMO with fresh farmers market fruit...as was the watermelon sorbet made with leftover puree from the pie].

If you have any ice cream making inclinations, I definitely recommend this blackberry ice cream recipe: it accomplished my very specific goal of making our new neighbors like us. So, thanks once again, Ree.

Love ya, America. Thanks again for being awesome.


  1. Tony Horton4:40 PM

    This is the best blog in all of the internet.

  2. My neighbor has the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker and loves. In fact she talked my mother law into buying one. Not too long we will probably be the proud owner of one (Kelby and I keep eyeballing at WS.)

  3. I'm obsessed with my ice cream maker. the blackberry recipe has been on my short list, so now I will CERTAINLY make it.

  4. that blackberry ice cream looks absurdly yum. i'm not cool enough to make my own ice cream- but will readily accept it from others. :)


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