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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

As the entire world now knows, we moved about a month ago.

Like any human/American/female, I find myself very driven to have a "cute" house, decorated in good taste, while still being comfortable, current, and creative (those 3 Cs were an accident).

When you move from a modest-sized townhome into a house with a yard, there seem to be a never-ending list of things that one must acquire. Like a good/better broom. A garden hose. More window cleaner. A sturdy and good-looking kitchen trash can. These kinds of less-glamorous things.

Then there's the fun stuff: picking paint colors, window treatments, daydreaming about new furniture, kitchen accessories, a (hopefully) potential laundry room creation. I've been all abuzz in my head: "Oh, we gotta look for a grill...we gotta plan our landscaping...we gotta do this, this, this."

Please understand that not all of these projects/acquisitions have we nor do we expect to conquer right off the, our landscape plan (currently) is long-term at best. Our home has nary a window treatment or framed item yet hung on the wall.

I'm just saying that my mind has been going a mile a minute.

While this is fun, no doubt, it has gotten me thinking about the kind of home I want to create with Jonathan.

Do I want to constantly feel that my home is "unfinished" ?

No. (Homes never are, right?)

Do I want to always be on the hunt for the next thing that will really take our house "there"---wherever the nebulous [and lame-sounding] "there" is?

No. That kind of rush for the next-best-thing is of this world and is not of God.

I do think that the Lord gives people a joy in working with His creation...some people really have a knack for picking out dining room furniture, refinishing side tables, or designing fabric. I don't think that it's wrong to have fun with those types of projects.

But I don't want to turn my home into it's-never-enough-so-I-lust-after-the-next-best-thing project. Because that is NOT right.

So when does it turn into an idol? (And is that what I'm trying to say?)

I guess this is just an attempt at accountability---not that the blogosphere has necessarily created this uber-comparing-each-other's-home-design culture, but blogs definitely have enhanced the accessibility of comparing yourself and your stuff to other people. At least for me. And I don't want to be like that.

And I want to apologize if this blog ever has or ever does turn into a "look at my stuff" blog. Yuck.

Because, at the [literal] end of the day, it's me and my husband (and kitty) in our home, enjoying each other's company and striving to learn more about Jesus in our little corner of the world. That is home, right? Preparing for the future one?

How do you strike this delicate balance and not get carried away?


  1. Hi Leslie - great post! I'm Marilyn's SIL...and I think we probably have more mutual friends than we realize (I graduated from Hutch in '95)...anyway, I lurk on your blog from time to time. Congrats on the move - and yes, you're on to something...the blogging world can be dangerous...I am constantly trying to balance...and, with young kids, balancing takes on a whole new meaning. For what it's worth, we've lived in our house for 8 years and have only hung a handful of things on our ridiculously challenging plaster walls! Best of luck...sorry to ramble...

  2. Wise words, friend. You are right about the accessibility of comparison in the Bloggosphere. I have to remind myself that most people are always going to put their best foot forward on their blog and rarely talk about their junk...much less show their actual junk!

  3. Great post indeed. I would say to throw away the to-buy lists and live there a while longer. You might find you are ok with some of the house as it is now or with cheap-o dollar store purchases. I have meant to change out some things in my house ever since we moved in 5 years ago. But at the end of the day, I don't want to spend my energy, time or money on the small things - like the toilet paper holders or light fixtures that I never turn on anyway. So unless it REALLY bothers you, let it be. Spend more of your time reading a book or tending to your garden - stuff I know you like too! Just my two cents.

  4. Amen! I fell exactly the way you feel. I need to focus more time/energy on learning more about Jesus and not as much time dreaming of everything I want or think I need for our house :)

  5. Good blog. Definitely made me think about some stuff. I feel like it's an overwhelming vicious cycle, and the things that I "need" to accomplish aren't fun for me anymore, they actually give me anxiety. Tyler and I always wanted to live simply. But when I look around the apartment, I think "simple" tends to look "boring." But really, I'm not looking at it from my perspective, but what people probably see when they walk in. Honestly, I'll probably always look at it like that and never settle down. Dang. So thanks for sharing bc it'll make me think about how to balance this in my life. Love,Erica

  6. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.
    Matthew 6:20

    Shopping and Decorating can definately be a hobby and I think even an art for some. I love it. But it is important to remember where your real treasures are.

    Liked the post

  7. well, as you can tell when you visit my home that I still need things (coffee tbl, end tbls). However, being in the business I am in I am very picky and I constantly want change every 2yrs.(this drives Kelby nuts!). And of course as we spoke today we plan on changing our living. Girl, it is always a never ending list! I need to plan a trip to come see it.

  8. I have actually been chewing on this post for the last day or so... I really like it. I don't have the answer for how to keep the balance, but it's really nice to have a someone remind me what's actually important. (and what is not...)


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