It's Hot so I Made a Smoothie

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My life right now can be summed up by this photo:

and this:

It seems that no matter how much progress we make, it's still just a blessed mess.

And it's blessed HOT. Which is why I took those pictures walking around the house in a sports bra drinking a smoothie the size of my head.

I know I just wrote about not wanting to want things.

Which is definitely still true. And thank you for the solid feedback and accountability from that post.

...[sheepishly] But can I just tell you one thing that would be nice to have someday?

Some rugs, or even one rug, a rug. A nice, big, pretty, cushy rug.

Hardwood floors are definitely nice (nice to look at mostly?) but they're probably nicer when you have some rugs over 'em, right? Can I get an amen?

It has never been a secret that hot weather makes me crazy.


  1. Amen, and yes, it's blessed hot.

  2. rugs are good and can be expensive. you need to hit up PB outlet with they have an extra 40-50% off. I think they do it often. I always find a good rug there, except i have yet to puchase one.

  3. you should ask emily about that discount floor furnishings place. you can get remnants bound there so they look like custom area rugs. also, hard wood floors tend to keep things cooler so maybe hold off on the rug.

    run those ceiling fans and make sure your windows are properly sealed and not leaking.


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