Patio Containers

Monday, May 17, 2010

First weekend (which was last wkd) in the new place, and what do you do? Unpack boxes? Nah...plant your patio containers you've been dying to put together for weeks, of course!

First, I want to give you an update on this guy. (Last year, Red tried to eat him and I had to take it to Greenhouse Rehab two winters ago.)

Here he was last year:

I took him back to my parents' greenhouse again this past winter, and look at 'im now:

Whoa! (right?) and:

So proud of his progress.

Next up, this little cutie pie low planter with lantana and Dusty Miller:

99-cent plant (some sort of long-leaf zinnia maybe?) in small pot:

My very own [ready-made] strawberry succulent pot (blogged about them here last summer), I got from Kate for my birthday:

And the big ma-moo planters...

counter-clockwise from top: spiky something-or-other, double impatiens (can't wait to see them bloom!), Dusty Miller, creeping Jenny, and coleus.

(sorry this one's blurry)...

counter-clockwise from top: purple fountain grass, hosta, double impatiens, and coleus.

I'll keep you updated on how these suckers fill in. I can't wait to see!

One of the unexpected fun things in our new backyard is this cute little storage shed:

[again, blank slate yard]

I was just itching to get my hands on those window boxes...and here's what I came up with:

The grey creeper is called "White Licorice," the tall red flowers are Salvia, yellow flowers are those same 99 cent ones from the little pot, the low red/pink plants are polka-dot somethings.

View of the house standing next to the storage shed:

[please excuse our empty boxes]

Now I guess I'll go unpack my t-shirts.


  1. looks great, Leslie! I want to see your tree! :)

  2. I just remembered to tell you that my mentor is an amazing gardener and goes to England every year to learn from the best. You'd love her and her amazing backyard. If you'd like I'm sure she'd love for me to bring you over sometime.

  3. love everything! hopefully when Lincoln gets a little bigger I can get back out in yard and do some planting.

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