garage sale vs yard sale

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm not real sure about the actual difference.

Is one better than the other? We didn't have it in a technical garage, or a technical yard. It was part carport, part driveway, part yard, part awesome.

We picked "garage" for our description...Did we choose wisely?

So much crap.

[the Jerkins Section]

You better believe people showed up at 6:20 (our ad said it started at 7).

As a first-time GS Host, the main thing I didn't expect was the whole leave-your-car-running thing. Geez. In that much of a hurry, really?

My fave moment captured that day:

entitled "Aliases for a Quarter" :

Neither of these disguises sold...but the beaver disguise [not pictured] DID sell.

Those garage sale-ers drive a hard bargain.

read Marth's post with better photos here.


  1. One alias is missing from this photo because it DID sell.

    It was glasses with a beaver nose a buck teeth.

  2. If only we had crowned one of the aliases with the hair piece!


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