Garage Sale--sale---saale---saaaaaale

Thursday, April 15, 2010

(imagine shouting that into a well or a tunnel)

Yes, it's true. We're having a garage sale.

[ad is here.]

Me, Sister, Mandi, Jesse, and my parents' stuff.

We found this, by Grant Burke, which will most definitely find a spot in our home:

Good ole Memphis skyline. Awesome, right?

Next, in cleaning out Jonny's closet last night, I came across a few old notebooks from the end o' college. Thought I'd share.

I took Italian 506 (that's 5 hrs, introductory level) my final semester senior year. After seven years of French, I needed 5 hrs of some sort of miscellaneous credit, and I knew it would be fun to gain some general knowledge of Italian.

This is also the semester that Jonny and I got engaged and were falling mucho-in-love.

The following was most definitely/probably an attempt to make him love me even more.

From the inside back cover of my Italian notebook:

My favorite memory jogged by finding this list was number 1: "...writes with a mechanical pencil and erases with a click eraser."

C'mon, that is STILL funny. Macho-college-guy with a click eraser.


Then, there was this gem of a notepad, with would-you-rather type questions.

Sorry these are fuzzy, but some of the high points are:

- Would you rather sweat chalk dust or liquid jello?

- Would you rather wait by the side of the highway, having run out of gas for 8 hrs with no food/water OR wait in the DMV every day for 8 hrs/day for one week with no other human being, book, TV, or any form of entertainment?

- Which would you choose: to watch a 3-hour silent puppet show OR only be able to watch Steven Segal movies for the next 10 years?

- Would you rather have unlimited access to any book with no intelligent human interaction OR have solely humorous/joking human conversations and no access to written information of any kind?

Anyone got any answers?

[For more "asking" amusement, may I suggest a visit to the wonderful AskingCanBeFun?]

I'll leave you with this adorable image that some of you caught on facebook yesterday. The turtle that Jonny spotted in our courtyard [I told you he loves turtles].

This one's just slightly bigger than a grape.

In the turtle's (and J's) honor, I am wearing this turtle dress today:

Have a nice day.


  1. im tempted to come to your garage sale but i feel quite confident you already pre-shopped and got the good stuff! jk! if i am not working i want to come by! love me a good garage sale.
    here are my answers:
    1. liquid jello b/c i fear i would sneeze chalk dust
    2. wait on the side of the road for 8 hours b/c at leas then maybe i could get some sort of tan. and i think dmv's should be outlawed
    3. silent puppet show
    4. books. i need written words. i can make up imaginary friends if i get too bored

  2. first of all, hilarious macho click eraser... HAHA i can't quit laughing. Maybe we're the only 2 people that think that's funny...

    my answers:
    1. liquid jello
    2. side of the road
    3. silent puppet show, it would be hilarious to see this, especially watching Cool Ray do the same thing with no voice. I'm already laughing.
    4. I have no response to this.

  3. I've always been REALLY terrible at coming up with "would you rather" questions. I get the first scenario, but can't ever think of another one. Here's my default:

    Would you rather ... or, DIE!?

    So I'll be writing some of yours down now and carrying it in a small inconspicuous notepad.

    :) Erica Jones


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