Wall-Length Bookshelf

Monday, March 01, 2010

I am remiss for not posting this sooner. You see, I could never get my room straight enough to warrant photographs.

(This project was completed last August, I believe. whoops.)

As mentioned before, the Jerkins love books. This Jerkins especially. Most of my books are in storage, but the ones I've collected during our marriage were overflowing a tiny bookshelf in the guestrooom. We needed Plan B.

Our bedroom wall is kinda long. I think 15' or so? Being a townhome, there is no window in or on that wall to break things up.

Once this wall-to-wall bookshelf idea came into my head and I just couldn't shake it.

I googled "wall shelf," "bookshelf," "diy bookshelf," "diy wall bookshelf," "wall length book shelf," "diy wall book shelf wooden" ...all sorts of combos. I never once found a picture of what was in my head.

Luckily, I have the sweetest husband in the world Jonny, who very patiently helped get my idea from my brain to the wall. He painted, hung, measured, sanded, putty'd (puttied?) and all sorts of things to make this happen. [the bobblehead below is the least I could do.]

Also, thanks to Grant & Tyler for helping bring this to harebrained scheme to life.

(see the OJ Mayo bobblehead?)

This consists of four total pieces of pine wood from Home Depot, with the top edge routered (is that a verb?) then painted our trim color. The wooden brackets are also from Home Depot and painted as well.

The whole thing was painted/nailed/wood glued together before being hung on the wall on the studs.

I'd estimate the whole thing cost around $50, not counting the paint we already had.

Here's a room shot.

(top photo I made up the bed and took a bad picture. bottom photo Jonny made up the bed and took a good picture. strengths+weaknesses, i guess.)

Curtains are one of my [very] few sewing projects ...they're a hybrid of plain white Pottery Barn curtains, flipped upside down to hide the tab tops, sewn to these panels from Ikea. Since they're hung behind the bed, you don't see the varying lengths.

[I need to hang the curtain rod very close to the ceiling, but haven't gotten there yet.]

Green lamps are from an estate sale for $10/pair, shades from Ikea.

So there's THE Bookshelf.

[view from "my side" of the bed]

It's almost filled to the brim, but I love it. It adds a depth to the room, is a space-saving yet decorative storage solution for a treasured collection, and exempts me from hanging anything on that wall underneath (I think?).

submitting this on ASPTL's DIY day here.


  1. love it! i especially like the way some books are stacked horizontal and other are vertical, very visually interesting. i think it'd look neat with a gallery wall underneath. i like a lot of accessories though, and i think you're more streamlined and minimal than i am :)

  2. Just lovely! Especially that touch of OJ :)

  3. I have a ton of books too! A lot of them are still at my parents house. My fiance and I are looking for a house now. I'd love to have some nice big built-in bookcases, but your idea would work well too!

  4. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I LOVE YOUR BOOKSHELF! trying not to covet, but super-impressed :) this book nerd is a big fan.



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