My Buddy

Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is my pal...we'll call her "W"

We hang out on Tuesday afternoons. We do math problems, reading, social studies, and some science stuff. Sometimes, we do "fun" stuff like we did this week: eat dinner at Lenny's, get ice cream, or make cookies. She's in the seventh grade, and this is our second school year hanging out.

We met through a place called Streets Ministries, here in Memphis.

Streets is a completely fantastic program...their facility is right across the street from where most of the students they serve live.
They are there in the neighborhood, every day, loving students, sharing the Gospel, mentoring in academia and in life itself.

...I always tell W that I'm thankful she lets me "bug" her by spending time with me every week. [sometimes i tend to overdo things.]

Tinkerbell & Peter Pan at Halloween (with a Diet Coke).

Visit their website if you live in Memphis and you're looking for a ministry to invest in. They have a ton of programs that help people like me get involved with what they're doing in the inner city. They really know their stuff.

on a superficial note [...note...get it?]

....yall didn't give my giveaway much lovin'.

I'll announce the winner tomorrow. [some good odds this time for the faithful.]

Next time then?


  1. I couldn't come up with a most favorite Spring memory. I am a winter loving nerd, who has had a very busy week with the little lady. Sorry, mon amie! Your set of cards is quite lovely. The winner will be lucky, indeed.

  2. I also could not come up with a fav. memory of spring...even tho i love love love the beautiful flowers...all spring means to itchy eyes, runny nose, headaches, and constant sneezing...booo hiss on spring allergies!!


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