Monday, March 15, 2010

Heber Springs, Arkansas: A favorite vacation spot for Memphians.

A little less than a 3 hour drive, Heber Springs/"Heber" is the general name for all myriad little towns and vacation spots that surround Greers Ferry Lake. In fact, the Guinn kids grew up going to camp on this very lake (here).

Needless to say, it's been quite a blessing that J's parents have a cabin there....it makes the perfect relaxing-weekend-getaway spot.

(posted briefly about Heber before here and here)

Friday, we stopped in Searcy for dinner/groceries on the way there (the town where J went to college)...and I saw Chicken Feet for sale!

no, for real.

GROSS right? There can't be much meat on those suckers...


The next day, we took a hike up to the top of Sugarloaf Mtn, in actual Heber Springs.

I'd never done this one before (had hiked the one in the middle of the lake; the "other Sugarloaf.")

He loves posing for photos.

...after that one, I told him to look like a "tough mountain man" ...

resulting in this:


We found a tree limb/stick/branch thingy that connected between two trees like a swing. [definitely too scared to actually "swing" on it though.]

Climbing to the top was actually rather frightening...

But we made it. Then a fellow Memphis Tigers fan (what did I tell you?) took our photo at the top:

Coming down might have been scarier, though?

Eeeeesh. Not sure I'm up for that again. [Although, I did tell Jonny that climbing that was kind of like doing a half-marathon: in retrospect, it doesn't seem so hard, but when you're actually doing it, it's kinda dicey. ]

Rewarded these physical exertions with a hamburger from a local gem, Larry's Famous Hamburgers:


"applesticks" -- chopped up apples w/cinnamon and sugar, then fried (of course).

[believe me--I already know that this meal did not help my quest for bangs. It was very worth it at the time, though.]

Pardon the French in the below photo. I just thought it was too funny.

With full bellies, we rolled on to the Tumbling Shoals Antique "Mall":

How cute would a little succulent plant be in this milk glass container?

It took a lot of willpower to not bring home this $4 Eiffel Tower TV tray:

(and/or its two mates, for that matter.)

After the antique mall, we watched most of Arrested Development season two. There aren't words. Although, hilarious & ridiculous come to mind. I also finished my aforementioned "fru-fru" book that was actually a pretty good read, The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, and started on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (never read before).

What better spot to endure Daylight Savings time?

On the way back, we partook in another favorite Memphian-visiting-Heber pasttime:

a stop at The Bulldog in Bald Knob, Arkansas...

...for their widely-renowned milkshakes (I actually didn't get one for myself. are you proud?)

some of our tunes on the way home: Leh-nerd Skin-nerd, Dark Side of the Moon, The Medders, Melting Pot, and Modern Guilt.

Happy Monday, m'friends! [no, really!]


  1. Looks like fun! I want to go hiking.

    How could you not get a milkshake???

  2. The pictures are fab, the adventure looks quite adventurous.


    I am mondo disappointed that this post did not turn into an account of cooking those chicken's feet. That would have slain any doubts of the worth of the internet.

  3. you know, Steven...

    that's not a bad idea. hmmm.

  4. yay heber! my grandparents lived on the little red river, so i spent many a weekend up there until they moved when i was in college. now my in-laws have a place on greer's ferry (in edgemont) so team stone still makes frequent visits :)

  5. Those photos of the hike/climb kind of reminded me of the guy who got stuck in the middle of some crevice and had to cut his own arm off just to get out. Glad that didn't happen to you. And yuck on the chicken feet. WHO would eat that?

  6. it took me a sec to realize that chicken feet are not a normal item at the grocery store. they are all over china!


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