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Monday, March 22, 2010

This works for me.

Things with hard-and-fast-rules and food groups work for me.

I just need two weeks for the kick-start. There is a wonderful blog called Kalyn's Kitchen, where she posts many yummy-looking recipes for every phase of SB. I've made her zucchini lasagna before, and Jonny and I both love it.

As a send-off last night (South Beach Eve, let's call it), we made Katie's Five-Minute Guacamole.

Holy moly, this stuff is good. Run, don't walk (it'll help you burn it off, anyway)! Recipe here. [Thanks Katie! It was the perfect send-off!]

Saturday was the perfect spring day. [notwithstanding the rainy and 50-degree-day we're having today.]

J and I took a looooooooong walk in semi-celebration. Here are some blooms we saw on our travels.


Goal this week (beyond SB): exercise 3 times. Feasible. Not extreme.

Bonne Chance, Leslie. I just want my dadgum clothes to fit right.


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