Red's Moment of Glory

Monday, February 15, 2010

Every Monday, I love looking at the "Pets on Furniture" feature on the remarkably lovely Desire to Inspire. The rules state that the furniture piece has to be the focal point of the photo--the pet being the picture's accessory.

So when I snapped this [albeit iphone] photo of Red the Kitty on our Red Chair (on his new favorite thing, the Snuggie), I had to send it in.

See Red's 15 minutes of fame HERE on Desire to Inspire, and thanks Kim, for making us some proud parents!

[where he sat last night during our Valentine's Dinner]

Also, a big ole thanks to everyone who has come out of the woodwork (or the wallpaper? yellow wallpaper?) to enter the winter's day giveaway! The winner will be announced tomorrow, and you have until midnight tonight (central time) to enter!

hope you had a swell V-day, are having a great Prez Day. I, for one, never tire of seeing snow.


  1. adorable! now i will have to stalk my mutthounds with the camera for just such an occasion....

  2. R. McRatrat6:02 PM

    Two things:

    1) I can't believe that there is a blog about pets being on furniture.

    2) I can't believe that an iphone picture was included among the rest of that photography.


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