Marilyn's Chair and a TV

Friday, February 05, 2010

My pal Marilyn, over at La Vie Quotienne, recently rescued this chair from her grandfather's office and gave it a makeover. She recovered the seat and spray-painted the arms and legs "heirloom white."

Isn't this just the cutest thing?

Imagine my surprise when she emailed me a photo and said that she was getting rid of it because of spousal taste differences, and did I want it?


[once the aforementioned final guest room project is complete, I'll show you its new resting place at my desk.]

Merci beaucoup, Marilyn! J'adore!

Also, back in January, we went to visit J's grandparents in Nashville, and took them to eat at the venerable Loveless Cafe.

While waiting in the lobby, Jonathan spied an antique TV they were using as a console of sorts, next to a bench. [This is one of those restaurants where the lobby is jam-packed (jammed-packed?) with signed photos of celebrities who've eaten there, along with other 1950s/country paraphernalia.]

Anyway, considering J's love for antique radios (here and here, for examples), he was smitten with this antique TV idea, and scoured Craig's List when we got back to Memph.

Ta da!

I'm not real sure where it's going to go/what we're going to do with it probably won't have a good spot until we get to move. But, it is a welcome addition to J's little antique appliances collection he's got going.

Bon week-end!


  1. I'm happy it found a home! Didn't think I'd see this on your blog. By the way, j'adore your new bedroom from previous post. Bon week-end to you too!

  2. Ok, I've seen this chair in its original home, i.e. at Marilyn's Gpa's office (this is Marilyn's sis-in-law) and I'm so impressed. I think the chair is so cute! Glad it found a home!

  3. Love the chair and the tv!


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