Wednesday, February 24, 2010

cute, right?

[photo and post/how to here]

This was from mint design blog before Valentine's, but I cannot get it out of my mind.

Succulents + word rope? Yes, thank you.

However...I'm afraid the word "love" spelled out on a planter would start to bug me. Does this seem unreasonable? I love love. But still.

Would spelling out "jerkins" be just as kitschy? (I mean, it practically means love anyway.)

Don't answer that. What other words would work?





In other (less rambly) news, I made some more cinnamon rolls for my new friends at work. You know, just to make sure they'd like me. (escaped only eating 1.5 of them.)

Here's Jonny's pan under my new-ish cake plate from Santa.

First saw it on Alexis Stewart's blog, can't find exact post. It's so lightweight, and I love that it's flat.

found here, from WMF. A good one to be able to leave out on the table, no?

Speaking of the Honorable Mrs PW, she's on Fox & Friends this morning, making the blessed cinnamon rolls themselves! On television!

Fortituous timing much?

[photo by Ree Drummond, recipe here]

If Fox & Friends can't convince you to make these, then I don't know what will.

Do it!


  1. hmm. I see what you mean with the word love, but it is cute.

    you could put your favorite word on there, whatever it is?

  2. I made those last week for my co-workers. They liked them, but I had a lot of operator error with them. Some didn't rise, I cut out enough for 10 pans, so not enough icing to go around, not enough flour on work space. etc. I don't think I'll do them again any time soon, even if I learned from my first timer errors. I only ate some of the bad batches, so I can't even say how good they are! I am obviously in the extreme minority here.... trying bread machine bread today with the leftover yeast. We'll see!

  3. Took a pan of Beth's PW rolls home from Bunko last week. They did not last 24 hours. And we had zero visitors. Ridiculous.

  4. I like "earth" "grow" or "dirt". I also think it's flippin' adorable but agree about the word "love".

  5. You could put your favorite French word. I know your a fan of French!


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