I'm Lost...or not?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost has indeed started up again... husband + i definitely enjoy this television program; I have even been known to participate in a weekly email group (or two).
However, my fervor has diminished over the past few seasons. It's almost gotten to be too much to keep up with if you have to wait a week between episodes.
I cannot remember everything (it was easier with the dvds)--but do not want to do the homework required in order to 100% keep up.

...Also it's slightly irksome how they ended one season last May and started the next one the FOLLOWING FEBRUARY! (indulgent much?)

Notwithstanding, I delighted coming across these Lost posters by Ty Matteson on Twig & Thistle today.

very clev-ah [and nice to look at, whether you watch ou non]

How I do love (almost) anything clever.

do you watch Lost?

and, almost as importantly, do you refer to it in all-caps?


  1. YES! i just started last January with all the DVDs and then watched last season in "real time" and am wishing i could go back to DVD land.. sure was easier to keep up... my saving grace is longlivelocke.blogspot.com she clears it all up for me!

  2. I DO watch. I've never missed an episode. My husband and I watch it together (it's the only show he watches). I usually write it with an initial cap only, but sometimes I all-cap it for emphasis. :)

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