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Monday, January 25, 2010

A few fave pics from our Arizona trip for ya...

[brief itinerary: flew to Phoenix, spent the night. went to school with Michael. drove the 1.5ish hrs to Sedona (home of the beautiful red rocks) and spent the night. next morning, drove to Flagstaff (scenic route--stunning), then onto Grand Canyon (through landscape which looks like Mars). spent the night in GC Village. next morning, more South Rim touring, drove back to Phoenix (about 4 hours). next day, ran half marathon. next day, Memphis. the end. got it?]

Picture with some cacti outside Sedona on the Red Rock loop road.

He tried to get cute and "fake step on" the cactus, but actually fell in. Ha!

Those suckers work, it turns out....prickles all over the place.

And, a taste of Memphis on the rustic Red Rocks loop: a FedEx truck!

He told me to "work it"...

And yes, 'tis GRAND

There aren't words to describe.

(I like that one because you can see the Colorado River and My Main Man)

It was very very sunny that first day.

Sunny and unbelievable.

Our hotel in GC Village was like a whole 'nother world...

Family Fun Center! Why not?

We ate dinner at We Cook Pizza and Pasta.

No, really, that was the restaurant's name. Whatev, right?

The next day, it was overcast (the vampire in me was relieved), but the visibility was still great. And snow!

At Hermit's Rest, which is the last stop on the South Rim:

After tearing ourselves away from the majesty, beauty, and wonder that is the Grand Canyon, we stopped between GC and Flagstaff on the way back to Phoenix and found this coyote water tower:

Back in Phoenix, we helped Michael & his roommates work a puzzle:

[my first puzzle to really help with ever ever ever]

Our last day/last-ditch effort to get a "big cactus picture" on our way out of town:

Thanks for having us, Arizonans! We had a wonderful time!

[jonny acting like a cactus]


  1. One day I'm taking Sylvie on this trip. Thanks for the itinerary. Love the pic of you "working it"

  2. Great pictures! So glad you were able to get away with Johnny. Oh, and way to rock another half marathon :)

  3. i've always wanted to go there!!

    ps. i have been stalking my google analytics, and i owe you for a TON of my visitors!! thanks pal.

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I know there's a more intelligent response to this point (and I can shout my love for Arizona + missing of the mountains/cacti) but what I'm left thinking is: Leslie, you are SO PRETTY.

    Yup, that's all I got.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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