Snow Day/New Stationery

Friday, January 29, 2010

Such a delightful thing happened this morning. The weathermen predicted a "heavy winter storm" of snow/ice/sleet and it actually has come to pass. So much has come down from the sky, in fact, that I got sent home from work. I have been working in the grown-up/adult world for almost four years, and this has never happened for me before. A wonderful surprise indeed, as I did not expect to be sent home early at all. But here we are. (And I won't turn them down.)

[on my way home to hibernate, I stopped to get a space heater--our townhouse doesn't get above 62, really--and bought myself a SNUGGIE! eeeee! i love it! wearing(?)/using it this very second!]

I haven't posted about paper stuff in a while. As mentioned before Christmas, I did take a break from etsy over the holidays. It was a good break, but a few projects have popped up recently, and I'm glad to be getting back in the swing.

Thought I'd show you a few new little cards. These are similar to each other: flat, vertical cards. And, I will warn you, my photographs are awful. Sorry. It's extremely difficult to take good photos of these things.

Made these for my mom because she wanted some "fun" cards...cream paper/envelopes with lime-y green ink:

This little font below is one of my current favorites: "Perfect Magic"...isn't it cute? (sorry it's blurry) These are a green/grey combo on cream paper with the return address printed sideways on the front of the envelope:

Here's a set for my friend Carrie's soon-to-be new baby, Presley. This was one of the Bunko prizes from Bunko at Sister's house last week. (The printing is hot pink on white paper/envelopes and the border kind of like sewing-ish dashes. Sorry it's hard to see.)

[isn't Presley Portis such a stunner of a name?]

The last two are some hostess gifts for my friend Bethany (who's about to have a little guy of her own!). The following set is a style that I made a LOT for Christmas orders (remember the Great Card Knock-Out '09? yeah, me neither.). Pretty classic, no? Cream paper/envelopes, brown ink:

And this guy...everyone loves Honey Script. Cream paper/envelopes, brown ink again:

I haven't listed these on etsy yet, because these pictures stink. But if you want any of them or anything, they're the same prices as my other sets--just email if you're interested.

Here's Red looking out the window at the snow:

...but now he's safely settled in one of his favorite spots:

I'll now hunker down with some correspondence, to distract from the desire to bake something.

C'est tout! Have a happy Friday/Snow Day or otherwise, wherever you are!


  1. Eee! Snuggie and snow day. How parfait.

  2. Can I just say I love how you sneak French words into your blog? J'adore!

  3. I heart my snuggie. Too bad it never gets cold here. Although, iPhone says it "feels like" 34 here right now.

  4. Leslie,

    So glad you got a "snow day!" I just wish we would have a had just a tad more snow instead of ice to go play in!

    I LOVE Presley's stationery! Just perfect! And, thanks for the sweet comment on her name. We love it, but it's so fun to hear that others like it too.

  5. Hi Leslie-

    Okay, so the idea of doing stationary for hostess gifts is great! I might see if you wounldn't mind doing some for my March 2oth shower. Let me know if you would be interested.


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