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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I rarely talk about work on my blog...

But 2010 brought with it a new job! That's newsworthy, eh? And I am just so excited.

I'm doing marketing for a local commercial real estate company.

My office has a door (gasp!)...and a window:

I brought this guy with me to sit on my desk:

[on sale from anthropologie, no longer online]

And here, they have Fresca for 25 cents (and other soft drinks, of course):

who doesn't like Fresca?

oooh weeeee!!!!!!

To top it all off, on Sunday, Jonny held a baby:

[thanks, James! I love you, Case!]

btw, to clear up any confusion from yesterday's post, I already owned a pair of Classic Cardys (see below).

It was the 'look' of the Classic Talls that I was holding out on...

The Cardys only have the sheep/emu/whatever-it-is wool on the bottoms, not all around your foot. Thus, the Classic Tall boots are INFINITELY warmer than these guys. And my feet have profusely thanked me.


  1. me like the new digs. And that cute baby, of course.

  2. Love the new place! And LOVE Jonathan holding that sweet darling, Case! Yes, Jonathan you look like a pro. Get over it. (I know you read this). ;)

  3. Grant4:34 PM

    I want to have a baby, too.


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