Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lily the Cat... October 2003-January 2010

Lily was my very first real pet.

It was January of 2004 (which was 6 years ago! eesh) ... wintertime. I was home from college for Christmas. It was cold. At my parents' house, there is a flower bed in front of the fence at the end of the driveway---it was here we first noticed a mother cat and her three kittens. After we all had initially taken stock of each other in the driveway, I remember our family sitting in the back little den and here come these three tiny little kitten faces peeking in the window at us. My heart was won.

Before this, the Guinn family had no cats or dogs. We had a few fish and two very long-lived gerbils that I bought with my "own" money in the fourth grade and subsequently grew to be terrified of (those tails....those long scary tails!).

After strategic maneuvers, we [somehow] coerced my dad into letting us keep the kitties. The plan was this: I'd take back one of the kittens with me to Austin and keep it in my apartment [I had my own room that year, and my two roommates shared the other room. they did not veto the kitten FYI].

There were two orange kittens and one dark kinda fluffy one. After taking them to the vet, we learned the dark one was a girl and the orange ones were boys [the mom was a short-haired tabby, kinda a combination of her children...imagine that].

I just fell in love with that little girl kitten and named her Lily. Back to Austin we went.

[btw, we started that car trip with her in the carrier and she cried for a solid hour. I pulled over and let her out and she sat in my lap for the next 9 hours of the car trip. that's when we really bonded.]

The vet had told us they were about four months old when we found them, so we established they'd been born at the beginning of October 2003.

[I don't have any digital photos of Lily as a kitten because I didn't get a digital camera until a year later. letmetellyou ...she was a BEAUTIFUL kitten.]

[me and Lily at Christmas 04...look at my red hair! ha!]

I brought her home after my sophomore year, where she lived from then on and fell in love with my mom. By then, one of the orange kittens had run away and the mother cat had died pretty soon after we adopted them, so it was just Lily and her brother Spencer.

She was such a sweet kitty. I used to call her The Beauty Queen... she was such a gorgeous girl. Didn't love to be held, but she loooooved to be petted, especially when you were sitting at the kitchen table. Softest cat I've ever petted. Sweetheart.

My first pet. My first animal love.

I'll miss you, little dear one.


  1. thank you for this sweet story about our Lily. I'm glad that we shared her life. Love Mom & Dad

  2. So sorry, Leslie! I am a fellow cat lover, and I've lost many kitties in my lifetime. I had two VERY special cats that both died at my parents house while I was away at college. Hard times. I loved reading about your sweet kitty though!

  3. the only bad thing about pets is that their little lives are so relatively short :( i'm so sorry for your loss. lily was beautiful!

  4. Albert2:35 PM

    beautifully said. sorry for your loss.

  5. Anonymous9:31 PM

    oh Leslie, I'm so sorry to hear this. loss of a pet is so hard--amazing how you can track your growth and changes through their lifetimes. they witness and shepherd us through so much.

    sounds like Lily was a very special kitty (and so beautiful!)--thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. Oh no! I'm so sorry.

  7. I'm so sorry; we lost our first cat (Ellie) in Nov. 2008, and our kids still aren't over it. We have one cat left, and he misses Ellie, too. My thoughts and prayers are with you!


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