Either/Or, Neither/Nor...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"...choose the one right next door" is the grammatical rule.

Well, I'm not going to talk about grammar, for once. I'm going to talk about this concept of either-one-but-not-both.

I'm a week and a few days into my healthy eating/diet plan [discussed here].

I am also one-third of the way to my goal. [under this diet plan, the most accelerated weight loss comes in the first one or two 4-day segments, so this is normal. weight loss will slow down after this, so says "Dr Ian," as he calls himself.] But yippee nonetheless!

However, I must confess something to you all. And I sure hope this doesn't keep me from cutting bangs.

Thinking back upon my life and subsequent weight fluctuations, I notice a pattern:

At my "skinniest," I did a crummy job of exercising consistently/all-out/full-heartedly--if at all--but ate healthfully like a champ.

At my "chubbier" stages, I was most likely training for a half-marathon or something in the background, meanwhile baking tons of cookies or eating $5 Hot-n-Readys w/Jonny for dinner.

I can never do both well at the same time.

What is with this? Dr. Ian prescribes a daily amount of exercise you are supposed to do on each day of this 28-day plan. And of course he does. Any ding-dong knows that diet + exercise = weight loss. Both of them. Together. Like peas in a pod. And I have probably done 3 of the days he's recommended so far, out of 10. Why why why why?

It's like I feel exempt from exercising hard when I'm eating like Jillian Michaels. And when I'm exercising like Jillian Michaels, I want to eat like Paula Deen.

HELP! How to avoid this? How can I get that "spark" for both?

I really, really want to meet my goal. (Because I really, really want my bangs back!)


[oh, and because I now can't post without some sort of photo or icon, I'll just tell you that I bit the bullet and got on twitter. Had to get on it for work, so @lesliejerkins was subsequently born. "follow me" if you'd like. I'm lame, though, I must warn you. Oh, and if you have a name, let me know what it is so I can "follow" you too. And maybe someday quit putting all the "twitter" terms in quotation marks. Sheesh.]


  1. Twitter is for cool people. No nerds allowed. :)

    And good point in your post--this is why I like the LoseIt! app on iPhone. If I know I'm eating pizza for dinner and piling on the calories, I can think ahead for some creative ways to stay below my calorie total for the day. (Marching in place while watching tv, anyone?) Even though I like running/I am a runner, I run to eat. I think it's ok to sneak a treat when you've worked it off for the day. (As long as you're not "eating like Paula Deen" for every meal.)


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