The Dark Side

Sunday, January 10, 2010

a.k.a. The Warm Side.


Yes, mes amis.

I'm now one of "them"...the kind I once (foolishly?) made fun of--

hey, I never thought these things would last...but have you tried them on???

[photo here]

...and I'm the one that, consequently, Sister is still making fun of.

My feet have never been warmer.

which side are you on? yea or nay?

Santa is a good man, that one.


  1. NO. You crossed over and I can't believe it.

  2. i was very sad when i saw your fb status update (referring to twilight movie) that said something about the fact that there were a lot of uggs in that movie. i own three pair (well, two pair and one set of slippers) and i've been a fan since I got my first pair during my first winter that I lived in Montana. I have the pair you have and a pair of ugg cardys. anything that is a fav thing of oprah's can't be too shabby! welcome to the dark, warm side! :)

  3. Always liked 'em. But, live in Texas so really can't use the "warm" excuse.

  4. Warm indeed. I have a pair. I wear the jeans over them, so probably only a few people know what I am up to. Hehe. Love the color of yours!

  5. You probably saw mine when you were here...and now you know why I have them! They are a necessity up here! Welcome to the warm side!

  6. Lexie---i got the pair of cardys last year for Christmas and have loved them. But they are just not nearly as warm as these guys...
    and ps, youre the 2nd person who thought i was making fun of uggs w/that fb status from new moon---but actually i was wearing my cardys too! it was just funny HOW MANY pairs of uggs were in the theater for the midnight showing

  7. i'm on the warm side too! i have two pairs - the pull-on ones and the ones that zip up the back, which have some seaming on the sides that makes them look more like "real" shoes...right? i wear them like 4 days per week, because i am the biggest cold wimp ever, and otherwise my toes will fall off of my feet. i'm not ashamed!

  8. Obviously I just purchased a pair too - and I've referenced your purchase in my latest post! Viva Uggs! :)

  9. i joined the dark side this year too. i got the ones that zip up the back.... and i would wear them to work if i could! i think it is ok as long as you don't wear them with running shorts like some people down here in oxford do!

  10. I was totally with you - an ugg hater to the core --- and then Mom/Santa went out on a limb for Christmas to give me the same kind MK has - that zip up the back, and they. are. FABULOUS. I actually have worn them to work - gasp!

  11. I want to be on the warm side. I've been dreaming of them on my feet bc my feet have been cold since the beginning of January.


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