Cinnamon Rolls and Their Result

Monday, January 18, 2010

I made the famous/infamous Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls over New Years...

[phone pic, sorry]

another pan:

...took me a minute to figure out the right consistency for the frosting, but I liked it thicker (top photo).

Side note: the second pie dish is one I got from my mom for Christmas, here.

[apparently, pie week resulted in miscellany other than a lot of eating pie and becoming the "crazy pie lady." it brought this pretty treat too!]

I digress.

Turns out that everything PW says about these cinnamon rolls is true: your friends and family will jump for joy, hug you, cry with delight, ask for more, blah blah blah.

They are sublime.

Remember that time I told you that my husband never speaks in superlatives about his food?

Yeah, these cinnamon rolls "might be the best thing I've ever put in my mouth," he says to me.

Eeeesh! Now you know it's serious.

What did I do with the entire leftover pan (plus more besides)?

Yep. Ate it myself. Whoops.


The Four Day Diet.

Fret not. This need for a kick-in-the-(tight)-pants been brewing pre-holidays, pre-cinnamon rolls, pre-baking, pre-pie week, but most definitely catalyzed by all of the above.

My lovely sister-in-law Nikki brought this diet plan to my attention. It's one of the few that webmd endorses.

And, no, it's not four days total. It's consecutive periods of four days with different food emphases, so you don't tire of the food and lose your edge (this always happens to me with South Beach, and I end up sabotaging myself).

Starts tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I'm pumped, it feels promising, all of that stuff.

***Here and now, I will make this vow to you, blog friends and comrades:***

If I meet my goal weight in twelve weeks, I will cut my bangs again.

Who likes bangs with a chubby face?

Not I.

Not my drivers license photo from birthday '09.

And not Zooey Deschanel, either.

[image here. ps, if you haven't seen 500 Days of Summer, run, don't walk. I just love her.]

I'm hoping that this public internet confession-time will spark additional accountability.

Yes, the girl who likes to bake must take a time out every once in a while, and keep things in check, right? Who wants to have to buy larger clothes just because you're eating too many cookies?



p.p.s. We did just return from the Grand Canyon, among other things. Forthcoming.


  1. Me like those cinnamon rolls.

    Good luck with the 4day, I'll eat your share of the baked goods. :)

    just kidding. I might need to join you soon with the rate I'm going.

  2. i totally laughed out loud at this one... "kick in the (tight) pants" :)

  3. Oh 500 days of summer. Best movie ive seen this year! And mainly because of Zooey.

    Good can do it!

  4. I have been wondering if those cinnamon rolls were legit...been too scared to make because the yield is like 4000 rolls.

    Diet sounds interesting. Maybe I'll join you...

  5. To do: bake cinnamon rolls, watch 500 Days of Summer.

    Not to do: cut bangs. Cause Lord knows that us preggos have the chubbiest faces of them all.

  6. Leslie - sometimes I feel like we are living the same life or partly at least... Just last week I put a cinnamon roll recipe in my "recipe book" on I'm too scared to try them. And I got bangs right before Christmas.

  7. yummy. i wish i had some. i don't need some. and i say yes to the bangs and zoey and 500 days of summer!


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