Bienvenue 2010!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Since it's a new decade, everyone's facebook statuses have been fraught with "ten years ago, I was doing _____" ----or---- "in the past decade, I _____"

So, I'll just give you my 

Top Five Things I Loved About the Oughts:

1) 4.22.06

Our wedding day. Marriage and love with my best friend and companion.  Life-changer all the way around. And a welcome one at that.

[Sad I cannot find a photo on the internet to post here and I'm not at home right now. Sorry.]

2) Attending two Final Fours. 

Seriously, I am convinced this is some of the best fun to be had in the entire world. I first went in 2003 to watch Texas in New Orleans; then went to San Antonio in 2008 to watch the Memphis Tigers. Don't want to discuss the latter's result; but both trips were superbly (is that a word?) fun.

3) Becoming a pet owner.

Prior to "the Oughts" I never had a pet to call my own. Any reader of this blog is aware of my darling Red; Lily cat was my first pet, though (she is now my mommy's kitty) and the original cat who stole my heart.

I still have yet to own a dog, but having kitties has really expanded my love for all animals. My nephew dog Gibson is such a delight; Moses & Owens have become good pals of mine too. And some of you remember when we nursed Sammy.  What joy animals bring to my life now!  

4) Expanding family.

With my sister's marriage to Dudley, and Jonny's family and their additions, marital and biological (which includes my two dear nieces), I so enjoy all that comes with having family and having them close by. 

5) Discovering who I am.

In this last decade, I can definitely say I know myself better.  

Re: I don't like to plan things like events or trips or be in charge of things that involve a lot of details.  I don't like to get up early. I'll do it. But I don't have to like it.

Time management is not always my strong suit. Things always take longer in reality than they do in my brain. But I'm good at coping and making it happen anyway. (does that sound accurate?)

I love to cook. I love to bake (as you all know). I love making stationery and using it to write letters. I like making things. I like blogging. And I kinda like running (well, I like being done with a run---I've run a marathon in the past decade, and three half-marathons but I still never crave it). 

C'est moi.

Happy New Year!  May the next decade bring some good changes that you'll welcome with open arms.

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  1. my friend mary straton said yesterday that she feels like her whole life happened in the past 10 years... pretty weird how much can pack into such a small time! or long time... but 10 years flew by for me!


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