pinecone garland

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This is indeed "easy as pie," as Kathleen on Twig & Thistle said it was (how fitting for me...pie!).

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You start with a bag of pinecones. I got my bag at Michael's for $2.50 and they're cinnamon-scented. Can't beat that. Also while at Michael's, I got a spool of grey ribbon for about $1.50ish. Then, procured a package of hooks & eyes from Home Depot. These were maybe $3 or so and I obviously have a ton leftover for more crafty stuff.

This is the extent of items purchased for this project.

These suckers need to have a little mmmmph...hence the 5/8" ones.

Then, I measured my ribbon over the window and cut it how long I wanted my garland to be. From there, you can just lay down your pinecones on top of the ribbon and space them how you want them/how many you want.

Here's where the "elbow grease" comes in.

Some of the pinecones have natural little "holes" in the top already. With some of them, it's nearly impossible to get any sort of something screwed in. I did have to select my pinecones depending on their naturally-occurring crevices in the top.

(sorry these are fuzzy photos)

Anyway, you can see how I found a natural little indention in the top of the pinecone and just really used my brute strength to screw it in. Husband helped me with this part too... But I'm pretty sure you could use hot glue or super glue if you ran into too many problems getting the hooks screwed into the pinecones.

After this, you space out your pinecones-that-now-have-hooks on the ribbon again, and then you hole-punch spaces for the hooks to hang on.

And that's it.

Seriously, not much to it.

Does anyone else think LED lights look weird?

I'm not 100% happy with this little window set-up, but I'm trying to compensate for not having a mantle in our cozy townhome.

Wanted these kind of lights...

...but according to the box, they could've caught the curtains on fire.

Merry Christmas and merry pinecone garland-making!


  1. Me like pinecone garland.

  2. Love the garland, Leslie!

    Now, just how many times has Red attempted to snatch one of those precious cones?!

  3. looove it. and make sure to give me a heads up when you get your kitty on there. it does wonders for their self esteem:)

  4. Where can I get these lights? What are they called?


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